Parent"s grief for daughter Madeline Campion-Marsh, 4, who died from "heart attack"

Parent's grief for four-year-old daughter who died from 'heart attack' just a week after starring as an angel in her first nativityMadeline Campion-Marsh had no history of long-term illness Devastated family still do not know exactly what caused her death'Now she is a real angel in heaven', say her devastated parentsHer infant school head teacher described her as a 'lovely little girl' | UPDATED: 14:49 GMT, 27 December 2012 The parents of a four-year-old girl have spoken of their heartbreak after their beloved daughter died of a suspected heart attack – just a week after starring as an angel in her first school nativity play. Little Madeline Campion-Marsh, known as Maddie, passed away at her family home in Broomfield, Kent, on the afternoon of December 19. The primary school pupil had been off ill at home with her mother Rosalyn Campion, 47, and 17-year-old brother when she suffered the suspected heart attack

"Doctors must learn care and compassion": Prince Charles claims modern medicine is putting the "human touch" at risk

'Doctors must learn care and compassion': Prince Charles claims modern medicine is putting the 'human touch' at risk His Royal Highness makes heartfelt plea to medical professionNHS should foster climate of care and compassion, he saysIntervention follows series of appalling cases highlighted by the Daily Mail | UPDATED: 08:08 GMT, 22 December 2012 Compassion:Prince Charles has said the NHS should listen to patients and be more caring The Health Service must learn to listen to its patients and be more caring, Prince Charles said yesterday. Modern medicine and technology are putting the ‘human touch’ at risk, according to the heir to the throne. In a heartfelt plea, he said medical schools should try to foster a climate of care and compassion among doctors

Helping others, even in death: A kind-hearted 14-year-old"s donated organs may give a new lease of life to FIVE other children

Teenager, 14, who died of asthma attack saves FIVE other children by donating organs Cleo Lloyd, 14, died of an asthma attack at her grandparents' homeHer organs will be donated to five children awaiting transplantsMother says it's a fitting tribute to a girl who 'always put others first' | UPDATED: 16:30 GMT, 2 December 2012 The family of a tragic schoolgirl who died of an asthma attack today revealed her organs have been donated to five other children. Cleo Lloyd, 14, died when her life support machine was turned off – but her family gave permission for her organs to be used in transplant operations