Alexander Litvinenko: Poisoned Russian spy was working for British AND Spanish intelligence, says wife

Triple agent! Poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was working for British AND Spanish intelligence, says wifeFormer KGB agent introduced to Spanish intelligence services by MI6 Alexander Litvinenko advised on link between Russian Mafia and governmentSpy was poisoned after allegedly having tea with former KGB colleaguesFamily claim he may have been poisoned in bid to silence him or as warning | UPDATED: 09:49 GMT, 14 December 2012 Poisoned former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko was effectively a triple agent working for MI6 and the Spanish secret service, it was claimed yesterday. He was on the payroll of MI6 and had a handler called ‘Martin’, a barrister for his widow Marina said. The Spanish secret service was also bankrolling his espionage activities and both stipends were paid into a joint bank account he held with his wife, it was said