Why is Jack Whitehall so eager to prove his laddish credentials?

The very privileged past of Channel 4's grubby golden boy: Why is Jack Whitehall so eager to prove his laddish credentialsA puerile display has finally got the comedian the attention he has cravedHe cracked infantile, lewd jokes throughout Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2012The Queen, Prince Phillip and Susan Boyle are among his childish targets Friends say he has been 'very spoilt' and 'thinks he can say what he likes'Privately educated Whitehall grew up in a six-bedroom 4.25m houseAn unfazed Whitehall thinks latest outrage 'will do wonders for his career' ” class=”blkBorder” /> Crude: Jack Whitehall (left) caused controversy with jokes about the Queen on Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2012 This week, however, at the age of 24, the comedian has finally got the attention he has always craved. His name has been in the papers virtually all week following his controversial appearance on Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2012 last Sunday — although not for positive reasons. Whitehall, who was on the show with friend and fellow comic James Corden, as well as Jimmy Carr and Jonathan Ross, began by cracking lewd 'jokes' about the Queen and Prince Philip before making a series of infantile, sexually explicit remarks about sprinter Usain Bolt and singer Susan Boyle