Horror as landlord, 74, "shoots dead two tenants" after dispute over parking cars in the driveway… just three minutes after police left…

Horror as landlord, 74, 'shoots dead two tenants' after dispute over parking cars in the driveway… just THREE MINUTES after police left the homePolice say James Pak shot three of his tenants after arguing with them on Saturday afternoonDerrick Thompson, 19, and his girlfriend Alivia Welch, 18, were killed; Thompson's mother Susan Johnson, 44, was wounded Police had been called to the home Saturday after an argument over parking turned physicalThe shooting occurred three minutes after they left the house | UPDATED: 21:08 GMT, 30 December 2012 A young couple was shot dead by their landlord after arguing with him over parking their cars in his driveway, police say

Landlord, why have you barred my dog? A walk to the pub is a perfect treat for Boxing Day – but not if you have to sit outside in the cold with your…

Landlord, why have you barred my dog A walk to the pub is a perfect treat for Boxing Day – but not if you have to sit outside in the cold with your pooch | UPDATED: 01:34 GMT, 26 December 2012 Being Boxing Day, many of us will want to try to work off the excesses of Christmas by going for a walk with family or acquaintances. And, of course, it wouldn’t be the same without our four-legged friends. There is, however, increasingly a problem.

Malcolm Levesconte: Generous strangers show Christmas generousity as festive fund "stolen" by landlord is replaced

The kindness of strangers: Internet well-wishers replace 30,000 Christmas club fund 'stolen' by pub landlord in just THREE daysOne kind-hearted anonymous benefactor gave the villagers 10,000Landlord Malcolm Levesconte is thought to have fled the countryPolice fear he may have jumped into the sea from a ferry bound for France | UPDATED: 20:24 GMT, 19 December 2012 Vanished: Malcolm Levesconte, 59, is thought to have fled the country and then jumped into the sea while on a ferry to France When a pub landlord disappeared with a 30,000 Christmas fund raised by families just before the big day, it came close to ruining village festivities. But generous strangers restored local faith in the season of goodwill, by replacing the money within days.

Paula Carlton: The 100,000 benefit fraudster living with Duke of Wellington"s descendant

Duke of Wellington's descendant saves his benefits cheat lover from jail after paying back 100,000 she stole with Coutts cheque from trust fund Paula Carlton claimed 107,705 over a 10 year period Her aristocratic partner Richard Wellesley has paid back her benefits bill She was living with Wellington's great-great-great-great grand nephewMother claimed Richard Wellesley was her landlord but he is her lover | UPDATED: 13:44 GMT, 7 December 2012 A wealthy descendent of the Duke of Wellington saved his lover from prison today – by paying back the 100,000 of benefits she fiddled using money from his own trust fund. Cheating Paula Carton, 49, illegally claimed 100,000 of benefits as a single mother while she was in a relationship with aristocrat Richard Wellesley

Compulsive hoarder Brian Clenshaw who filled his flat with newspapers, magazines and DVDs faces eviction after disorder got out of control

Hoarder who has filled his flat with thousands of newspapers, magazines and books faces eviction because he is a 'fire hazard' Brian Clenshaw, 52, also can't help collecting coins, DVDs and stamps Former salesman claims syndrome was brought on by a road accident in 2004 | UPDATED: 21:55 GMT, 5 December 2012 A former salesman is facing eviction from his home after his problem with hoarding spiralled out of control. Brian Clenshaw, 52, has filled his flat to the brim with thousands of newspapers, magazines, DVDs, books, coins and stamps.

Benefits adviser Manjit Singh Cheema recruited his mother Balbir Kaur to cheat taxpayer of 30,000 using insider knowledge

Council benefits adviser recruited his OWN mother to cheat taxpayer of 30,000 – using insider knowledge of welfare system Mother and son team lied while they lived together in house owned by him Basildon Crown Court sentenced them to 150 hours of unpaid work | UPDATED: 16:03 GMT, 30 November 2012 Cheat: Havering Council worker, Cheema, 23, abused his position to fraudulently claim benefits A crooked benefits adviser teamed up with his mother to cheat the council where he worked out of 30,000 in housing and council tax benefits, using insider knowledge of the welfare system. Havering Council worker Manjit Singh Cheema, 23, and his mother Balbir Kaur, 46, both of Romford, Essex, were spared jail after admitting fraud by abuse of position