Daniel Day Lewis: Oscar winner"s brother says I wish Daniel would end our 19-year feud

Brother of Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis says he wishes the star would end their 19-year feud… which started over a bookSean Day-Lewis, 81, 'fell out with his brother over unauthorised biography' Mr Day-Lewis is half brother of the star, from his father's first marriageHe said he longs for a reconciliation with his younger brother By Chris Hastings PUBLISHED: 15:11 GMT, 2 March 2013 | UPDATED: 00:15 GMT, 3 March 2013 Sean Day-Lewis, 81, reportedly fell out with his famous brother over a 'misunderstanding' about a biography of the actor – pictured with his Oscar The estranged brother of Daniel Day-Lewis has revealed he is desperate to end their 19-year feud sparked by an unofficial biography of the actor. Sean Day-Lewis says that the Lincoln star – who last week made history as the first man to win three Best Actor Oscars – cut him off in 1994 and that the pair have not spoken since

Furby: Tesco accused of exploitation after raising price of must-have toy this Christmas

'Cynical' Tesco accused of exploitation after raising price of must-have Furby by 6 Price of a Furby at is now 54.97 (was 48.99) at TescoThe toy is in huge demand with many stores running out of stock Tesco refused to explain the price rise Toys R Us's price has also fluctuated | UPDATED: 01:03 GMT, 9 December 2012 Tesco has been accused of exploitation after raising the price of a must-have Christmas toy, the Furby, by nearly 6.

Cybersquatters cashing in on Kate"s pregnancy by registering websites linked to Royal baby

Cybersquatters cashing in on Kate's pregnancy by registering websites linked to Royal babyhttp://aroyalbaby.com and www.royalfoetus.com have already been taken by web users and littered with advertsThese mirror twitter feeds such as @Royal Foetus which were registered within hours of the public announcement | UPDATED: 18:39 GMT, 8 December 2012 Opportunistic cybersquatters are attempting to cash in on the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy by registering websites associated with the Royal baby.