Visitors banned and more wards closed as hospitals battle worst norovirus outbreak for five years

'Please, please don't visit': Hospitals in lockdown amid worst norovirus outbreak in five years Birmingham's City Hospital has imposed the ban until further notice after an outbreak of the bug forced four wards to close Comes as Doncaster & Bassetlaw trust takes to Twitter, begging those with any symptoms to stay away Cases of winter vomiting bug up 72% on last year | UPDATED: 13:16 GMT, 14 December 2012 Hospitals are going into lockdown in a desperate bid to get the winter vomiting bug under control. Birmingham's City Hospital announced today that visitors are banned until further notice, after an outbreak of the bug forced the closure of four wards

"Bow and arrow attack" at Wyoming community college leaves three dead

Horrific 'bow and arrow' murder-suicide in community college classroom as man kills teacher then himself minutes after murdering woman in the street Man kills faculty member, 'student aged' female and then himself at small Wyoming community college Attacker apparently used a 'bow and arrow type' weaponPolice say all three dead knew each other but have not suggested a motive | UPDATED: 12:26 GMT, 1 December 2012 A Wyoming community college has been hit by a tragic murder-suicide after a man killed a teacher then himself in front of students in the classroom using some sort of 'bow-and-arrow-type' weapon. The killer had previously murdered a woman in the street about two miles away before storming into a science building on the campus of Casper College. The classroom killing prompted a college-wide lockdown as police attempted to ensure that it did not spiral into yet another campus massacre.