Earl of Cardigan on moving out his stately pile and why he"s living on benefits

I'm so broke I'm trying to get a job as a lorry driver: Earl of Cardigan on moving out his stately pile and why he's living on benefits /06/29/article-2166152-13D3CC0F000005DC-537_634x413.jpg” width=”634″ height=”413″ alt=”The Earl poses in front of Tottenham House, part of the 4,500 acre Savernake Estate in Wiltshire” class=”blkBorder” /> The Earl poses in front of Tottenham House, part of the 4,500 acre Savernake Estate in Wiltshire The Earl appointed the trustees — one of whom was a trusted friend of more than 30 years — several years ago to help him manage the estate’s complex affairs. But now the Earl says the trustees are refusing to give him access to his own money.

Almost 6,000 drivers have licences torn up because they cannot SEE the road properly

Almost 6,000 drivers have licences torn up because they cannot SEE the road properlyNumber of motorists banned from driving for poor eyesight jumps 10 per cent in a yearLabour MP Meg Munn calls for 'robust measures' to ensure road safety In 2010 poor eyesight caused 2,874 road accident causalities By Matt Chorley, Mailonline Political Editor PUBLISHED: 10:53 GMT, 29 December 2012 | UPDATED: 10:53 GMT, 29 December 2012 Almost 6,000 drivers have been banned from the road because they cannot see properly, new figures show. The number of licences revoked or blocked soared by 10 per cent higher in 2011, amid growing fears about the eyesight of thousands of people who climb behind the wheel. Officials tore up 5,285 licences for cars and motorbikes and 685 lorry and bus drivers last year because holders could not pass a standard eye test

Compulsive hoarder Brian Clenshaw who filled his flat with newspapers, magazines and DVDs faces eviction after disorder got out of control

Hoarder who has filled his flat with thousands of newspapers, magazines and books faces eviction because he is a 'fire hazard' Brian Clenshaw, 52, also can't help collecting coins, DVDs and stamps Former salesman claims syndrome was brought on by a road accident in 2004 | UPDATED: 21:55 GMT, 5 December 2012 A former salesman is facing eviction from his home after his problem with hoarding spiralled out of control. Brian Clenshaw, 52, has filled his flat to the brim with thousands of newspapers, magazines, DVDs, books, coins and stamps.

M1 Crash: The "140mph death race" that killed two

The '140mph death race': Two killed in 2.30am crash on M1… then friends in a following car brawl with survivors at the roadside Police bail a man after arresting him in connection with the crash Two young men killed and four injured in early-morning BMW crash Witnesses claim BMWs were racing at high speed before death smash Police confirm driver and passenger aged 22 and 24 were from east London M25, A414 and A41 suffered gridlock as five junctions are closedThree of the injured victims of the collision had to be cut free by firefighters | UPDATED: 11:34 GMT, 4 December 2012 A brawl broke out on a motorway after a ‘140mph race’ that left two dead and six injured. A witness reported seeing two black BMWs speeding along the M1 moments before one clipped the central reservation and bounced off a bridge into the path of the other

Brave trucker hailed hero for leaping into cab of blazing lorry to move away from busy high street as its engulfed in flames

Moment hero trucker leaped into cab of blazing lorry to drive it clear of Christmas shoppers before it exploded into flamesHero driver jumped back into lorry as Christmas shoppers watched Video captures the moment flames break out as driver, named as Martin Ford, moves lorry to quieter street100,000 worth of furniture destroyed in blaze | UPDATED: 01:19 GMT, 1 December 2012 This is the dramatic moment a lorry driver leapt into his blazing truck and steered it away from a busy high street. Martin Ford risked his life to drive the burning vehicle away from hundreds of Christmas shoppers. Seconds after he pulled it into a quiet side street and got out, the whole lorry, including the cab, was engulfed in flames

Comrades in Great Game of posing and pocket-filling

Comrades in Great Game of posing and pocket-filling | UPDATED: 22:42 GMT, 28 November 2012 AS watery sun rises on the day MPs will condemn free speech – to be taken from this place and tortured by wigged scriveners until its neck is broken and the body quite cold – you will, I hope, excuse a diseased squint at our false, thieving Commons. There may not be long left when one can publish such views without being pushed behind iron bars by Leveson clones.