Suspect charged with attempted murder after woman was attacked in the street with 2ft-long samurai sword

Brave police officer saved woman's life by tackling maniac who slashed her with samurai sword Woman is seriously hurt in random sword attack in north LondonAhla Timofei, 25, will appear in front of magistrates tomorrow Police praised a lone officer who bravely tackled the man Local residents described hearing the woman scream 'like an animal' | UPDATED: 09:13 GMT, 26 December 2012 A man who attacked a woman with a samurai sword was tackled to the ground by a brave police officer. After he was overpowered, a bag he was carrying was found to contain a bizarre arsenal, including a crossbow, samurai-type swords, hunting knives and gas masks. An unarmed police sergeant, based in Islington, North London, went to the scene of the random assault in Holloway Road early yesterday to find the victim, a 22-year-old Italian, bleeding heavily on the ground and a man brandishing a sword.