You can"t say that, I told her – it"s too rude

You can't say that, I told her – it's too rude PUBLISHED: 00:19 GMT, 9 April 2013 | UPDATED: 07:02 GMT, 9 April 2013 In the twice-weekly battles at Prime Minister’s Questions, NORMAN TEBBIT recalls how no other Opposition leader had ever worked so hard or so purposefully. He realised Margaret Thatcher could absorb facts like a sponge — and could squeeze them out just as easily.

Mary Berry gives her top tips on how to make your Christmas dinner perfect

Plan ahead for a very Berry Christmas: Mary gives her top tips on how to make your dinner perfect Mary Berry said people often bought too much Christmas foodShe said planning should start in the early weeks of December | UPDATED: 04:39 GMT, 6 December 2012 Sage advice: Mary Berry offers some money-saving tips for the festive season It is the belt-straining finale to the Christmas meal, a massive pudding accompanied by oodles of brandy butter. But families would do better to either buy a smaller one or, preferably, bake their own, says TV cook Mary Berry