Richard Benyon, British richest MP who lectured families on food waste, gives bread to the poor through the window of his manor

Let them eat leftovers: Minister who lectured families on food waste plays Lord of the Manor handing bread to the poor through the WINDOW of his manor Richard Benyon claims the average family wastes 50 of food a monthNamed country's wealthiest MP, worth an estimated 110millionHe told people to read storage labels properly and keep fruit in the fridgePrime Minister insists the government is helping struggling families . The government has been stung by criticism that it is out of touch after Mr Benyon claimed the average family wastes food worth 50-a-month. The minister suggested people were wrong to keep fruit in a bowl and instead should be packed in the fridge Mr Benyon, who is the heir to the Englefield Estate near Reading in Berkshire, was accused of being out of touch Mr Benyon told MPS: ‘We have been needlessly throwing away enormous amounts of food when it is perfectly safe to eat it

Conman Christopher Hoare who racked up 2,400 hotel bill by pretending to be top rugby player foiled after staff realise he is overweight

Conman who racked up 2,400 hotel bill pretending to be a top rugby player was caught when staff realised he was 'too fat' Christopher Hoare, 30, said he was playing for London WaspsStaff became suspicious because he 'lacked the physique' of sportsman Serial fraudster was on the run from police at the time | UPDATED: 16:36 GMT, 26 December 2012 A conman who racked up a 2,400 bill at a luxury hotel by posing as a professional rugby player was caught out because staff thought he was too fat to be a top sportsman, a court heard. Christopher Hoare, 30, registered at top Kent hotel Eastwell Manor under a fake name in October