iPhone users download 10m copies of Google Maps app (but find they can"t delete Apple"s disastrous app)

Desperate iPhone users download 10 MILLION copies of Google Maps for the iPhone in 48 hours (but find they can't delete Apple's disastrous app)Apple dumped Google from its latest software in SeptemberApple's CEO forced into humiliating apology to customers over errorsGoogle's new app has more features to bring it in line with Android version | UPDATED: 10:15 GMT, 18 December 2012 Over ten million iPhone owners downloaded Google's maps app in 48 hours, the search giant has revealed. The app is expected to replace Apple's own mapping software on the majority of iPhones – although Apple does not let users delete its app

The astonishing pictures that reveal the moon"s battered past

The incredible images that reveal the full extent of the moon's battered past Nasa says images show lunar surface is 'far more broken up' than previously thoughtGravity maps were produced by twin Nasa spacecraft | UPDATED: 19:59 GMT, 5 December 2012 The moon took quite a beating in its early days, more than previously believed, scientists reported Wednesday. This surprising new view of the moon comes from detailed gravity mapping by twin NASA spacecraft, which slipped into orbit around the celestial body earlier this year to peer into the interior. Researchers have long known that the moon and rocky planets – including the Earth – suffered heavy bombardment from asteroids and comets during their formative years billions of years ago