British Gas bosses pocket 16m while your gas and electricity bills go through the roof

16m pay bonanza for five British Gas bosses: Windfall came just weeks after inflation-busting price increases Chief executive Sam Laidlaw is handed 5million Figures emerge in Centrica's annual report showing British Gas made 606million profitOfgem predict the average gas and electricity bill will rise to 1,420 by end of next year was 1,188 and customers have seen their prices double over the last seven years. A total of 2.5million families are estimated to live in ‘fuel poverty’, which means they have to spend more than 10 per cent of their income on their energy bill

Profits up 11% but British Gas plans another price increase… as bosses line up a 10m windfall

British Gas under fire for raking in 50 profit per household just months after hiking bills… and the boss looks forward to walking away with 10m Company profits for 2012 have soared to 606million But price rises for 12million customers could come as early as next winterShadow Energy Secretary says market too dominated by 'big six' firmsCaroline Flint called for tough regulation so public don't feel 'manipulated'Campaigners say consumers feel 'resentment and dread' as bills still rise will be used to help fund a 10million package in pay, shares and pension pot for departing boss Phil Bentley, who will leave the business in June.

Unions now provide 81 per cent of donations to Labour as they have given 20 million since Miliband became leader

Unions now provide 81% of donations to Labour as they have given 20million since Miliband became leaderIt marks a steep 22 per cent rise from Gordon Brown's leadershipTories claim Ed Miliband is even further in thrall to union baronsLargest donor is Unite with 7.5 million given over two years | UPDATED: 03:53 GMT, 31 December 2012 Labour has banked more than 20million in funding from unions since Ed Miliband became leader. The money accounts for 81 per cent of donations to the party over the past two years. It marks a steep rise from Gordon Brown's leadership, when unions provided 59 per cent of donations to the party.