Real-life Ocean"s Eleven: Australian casino loses 32m after "high roller" guest colludes with staff to spy on other players

Real-life Ocean's Eleven: Australian casino loses $32m after 'high roller' guest colludes with staff to spy on other players Large-scale sting drawn comparisons to blockbuster Ocean's ElevenDiscovered by horrified bosses at Melbourne casino a few weeks ago Crown Casino in Melbourne says it is in a good position to recover moneyHacked into CCTV in casino and then relayed back information to player By Helen Lawson PUBLISHED: 14:06 GMT, 15 March 2013 | UPDATED: 17:31 GMT, 15 March 2013 Con artists managed to pull off a $32 million heist after hacking into a casino's security cameras. The large-scale sting, which has drawn comparisons to Hollywood blockbuster film Ocean's Eleven, was discovered by horrified bosses at Crown Casino in Melbourne a few weeks ago

Is this driver putting his feet up? Motorist caught on camera "speeding with legs out window" on Australian motorway

Is this driver putting his feet up Motorist caught on camera 'speeding with legs out window' on Australian motorwayThe provisional driver was caught on the Eastern Freeway, Melbourne, appearing to drive with his legs out of the windowIt believed police have now 'made contact' with the man after they appealed for him to come forwardBut some have questioned whether it is 'physically possible' for the legs to belong to the driver | UPDATED: 18:35 GMT, 26 December 2012 Australian police have ‘made contact’ with a young motorist who appeared to be driving along a Melbourne motorway with his legs hanging out of the window. Police had pleaded with him to come forward after pictures emerged on the internet. It appeared to show the driver speeding down the Eastern Freeway with his legs protruding from the side window while the vehicle hurtles along in cruise control

Kenneth Putney: Man rescued after drifting at sea for EIGHT DAYS

Man rescued after drifting at sea for EIGHT DAYS: Vietnamese sailors pluck American from stricken yacht on Thai trip Kenneth Putney tried to save the vessel after rope broke with towing ship Mr Putney, from Florida, was left without food for more than a weekHe ate three packs of instant noodles after he was dragged back to shore | UPDATED: 14:16 GMT, 24 December 2012 A man was rescued by Vietnamese fisherman after he had been left drifting at sea for eight days on a broken down yacht. Kenneth Putney, 54, had been with three others towing the yacht from the Philippines to Thailand when the rope broke on December 15 in high winds. He jumped on to the yacht because he feared it would be lost, but was spotted by fisherman Trieu Van Oai waving for help eight days later 15 miles off the coast