Anyone for crap eggs with a side of wild speculation? Hilarious menu items that will make you not want to order them

Anyone for crap eggs with a side of nausea sauce Hilarious mistranslated menu items that will definitely not whet your appetite | UPDATED: 04:10 GMT, 25 December 2012 Who’s in the mood for some crap eggs with bamboo flavor How about some half grilled chicken & herpes or the car hit cheese bacon mushroom face Below are 15 hilarious menu items, mostly from East Asian countries, that got lost in translation. The photos of the funny food items are courtesy of Laugh as you scroll down and try not to lose your lunch thinking about them too hard.

Huge cannabis factory found inside Bangor, North Wales railway tunnels containing cannabis worth 225,000

Growing underground: Huge cannabis factory found inside North Wales railway tunnels containing drugs worth 225,000 Elaborate steel gates, doors and a trapdoor concealed sophisticated drug operation hidden behind legitimate mushroom farm Gerald Davies, Kenneth Vincent, Phillip Bigley and Christopher McIntyre jailed for their work at the operation | UPDATED: 18:59 GMT, 3 December 2012 A mushroom farm based in disused railway tunnels was in fact a front for a sophisticated cannabis operation with a potential annual turnover of more than 2m. Police raided the underground business after a tip-off and found a warren of industrial-sized growing rooms hidden behind fortress-like steel gates. Today four men were jailed for their part in the operation at the disused Faenol Tunnels on the Menai Business Park at Bangor, north Wales.