Raging Bull inspiration Jake LaMotta marrying at age of 90 for seventh time

Boxing legend Jake LaMotta who inspired Raging Bull is set to marry for seventh time aged 90 LaMotta engaged to long-term girlfriend Denise Baker, 62 | UPDATED: 17:35 GMT, 21 December 2012 Jake LaMotta has never been shy of stepping into the ring – or placing one on the finger of the woman he loves. The 90-year-old boxing hero is to marry for the seventh time to long-term fiance Denise Baker, 30 years his junior.

Sandy Hook shooting: 4 of Adam Lanza"s victims lived in a mile radius of $1.5m home killer shared with mother

Were they targeted Four of Lanza's young victims lived within one-mile radius of the $1.5 million home that the troubled killer shared with his mother Dylan Hockley's family live on the same road as the gunman Grace McDonnell's parents can see Lanza's house from their front door Jessica Rekos and Chase Kowalski also lived in the neighborhood | UPDATED: 07:46 GMT, 17 December 2012 Four of the tragic child victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza lived within short walking distance of the $1.5 million home the killer shared with his mother, whom he also killed. The startling measure of how close knit the community of Sandy Hook really is comes as it was revealed that one of the victims of the school massacre, six-year old Dylan Hockley, was a neighbor to the 20-year-old shooter.