Gay couples can now "convert" civil partnerships to marriage in secret for 100

Gay couples who are in a civil partnership will be able to 'upgrade' it to marriage, complete with certificate, for 100Conversion would see same-sex couple able to change the legal status of their civil partnershipEquality campaigners condemn decision not to allow straight marriages to convert into civil partnershipsTory MP Peter Bone say it undermines marriage | UPDATED: 20:35 GMT, 11 December 2012 Thousands of gay couples in civil partnerships will be able to ‘convert’ their relationships to marriage in return for a 100 administration fee. Around 50,000 couples will be able to change the legal status of their relationship by simply filling in a form and popping it in the post along with a cheque to cover the cost of issuing a marriage certificate. In effect, the change in the law will mean that some gay couples will be able to get married without even having a wedding, with the result that some couples could become married in secret.