Mid-flight horror as British Airways pilot becomes "incapacitated" when cockpit filled with fumes

Mid-flight horror as plane is forced to land when pilot becomes 'incapacitated' when cockpit filled with fumesEmergency landing made in Canadian town of Goose Bay, NewfoundlandCo-pilot started to feel nauseous before unscheduled stop was madeCaptain and first officer required oxygen masks to make landing By James Rush PUBLISHED: 10:05 GMT, 10 February 2013 | UPDATED: 07:55 GMT, 11 February 2013 A British Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing at a Canadian town after suspected toxic oil fumes were reported on the flight deck. The Boeing 777, carrying 158 passengers from Heathrow to Philadelphia, made the unscheduled stop at Goose Bay, in Newfoundland, in temperatures of -30C after fumes started to cause eye and throat irritation halfway through the eight hour flight.

The astonishing interactive map that show EVERY bomb dropped on London during the Blitz

The astonishing interactive map that shows every bomb dropped on London during The Blitz New site uses data from the National Archive previously only available to visitors to the Reading Room Allows Londoners to search for their home and see if it was bombedMobile phone app allows tourists to point their phone at a landmark to see if it was bombed | UPDATED: 19:16 GMT, 6 December 2012 If you've ever wondered how close London’s landmarks came to being blown up in the Blitz, a new interactive map has the answer.

Husband takes bird"s-eye view photos of his naked wife

I can see my spouse from up here! Husband takes bird's-eye view photos of his naked wife The series – shot by photographer John Crawford between 1984 and 1987 – shows his then wife Carina naked pictured from a bird's-eye perspective | UPDATED: 16:00 GMT, 26 November 2012 Art is usually a labour of love for the creator.