Fancy being lord of the manor? It"ll cost you just 5,000 a MONTH (or the same as a two bedroom flat in London)

Now you can be lord of the manor for just 5,000 a MONTH (which is roughly what you might pay for a two-bedroom flat in London) The house has nine bedrooms, a grand entrance hall, billiard room, outdoor pool, tennis court and stablesFor the same money you could rent a two-bedroom apartment in Kensington or a three-bedroom fourth floor flat in Notting Hill | UPDATED: 18:46 GMT, 28 December 2012 A stately home in the rolling Welsh countryside has been put up for rent for the first time in its 300 year history – at the same price as a two-bed apartment in London. The luxury mansion, which stands in ten acres of land, can be rented for the princely sum of 5,000 a month. For that price tenants of Tythegston Court can enjoy the house's nine bedrooms, a grand entrance hall and staircase, reception rooms, billiard room, outdoor pool, tennis court, stables and landscaped gardens.