Peter Hitchens: Killed on his way to church, the latest victim of smug "liberals"

Peter Hitchens: Killed on his way to church, the latest victim of smug 'liberals' | UPDATED: 03:39 GMT, 30 December 2012 Alan Greaves, 68, from Sheffield, who died after being brutally attacked on his way to midnight mass on Christmas Eve Those of us who know what is going on in this country are often derided by smug, wealthy Londoners. They accuse us of ‘moral panic’ and of exaggerating the breakdown of our society. I ask these complacent people to consider the terrible death of Alan Greaves, attacked on Christmas Eve itself

Michelle Young: The wife who turned detective to expose her 400million cheat of a husband "living it large" whilst pleading poverty

The wife who turned detective to expose her 400 million cheat of a husband 'living it large' whilst pleading povertyMichelle Young was left with nothing when she divorced millionaire property developer ScotShe has spend six years investigating the financial scheme which she accuses her ex-husband of using to hide his 400 million fortuneScot Young, 50, is allegedly broke yet regularly dines in top restaurants | UPDATED: 22:35 GMT, 8 December 2012 Michelle Young is sensing victory. Six years after she began what seemed like a hopeless High Court battle, she is close to unravelling a complex financial web that hides what remains of her husband’s 400 million fortune.

Greater Manchester Police"s PC Andy Hall quits Twitter after posting comedic and bizarre comments

'Sacked', the Tweeting policeman after Chief Constable loses sense of humour over PC's jokey messagesPC Andy Hall, 38, posted humorous and bizarre comments on Greater Manchester Police Twitter feedThe officer is understood to have voluntarily stood down from the dutiesSenior officers thought to have stood in after a lighthearted tweet posted hours after fatal police pursuit on his beatFans described random postings as 'brilliant' and said PC was a 'legend' | UPDATED: 21:02 GMT, 5 December 2012 Random: PC Andy Hall, left, from Greater Manchester Police's Radcliffe policing team has stopped tweeting from the force's official account. His bizarre and comic comments are thought to have upset police bosses A popular police officer has stopped using his force's social networking account after being accused of posting too many humourous and bizarre comments on Twitter. PC Andy Hall, 38, had been assigned to pen his own messages on the social networking site, dubbed Tweets from the Beat, to encourage more locals to report crime