Syria: Video captures bravery of teenage boy, 17, risking his life to save total stranger

Staggering bravery of the boy, 17, who risked his life to rescue stranger shot by a sniper in Syria only to find she was dead Teenager's selfless attempt to rescue the woman filmed in Aleppo Russia says President Assad is losing control of the country to the rebels Syrian government denies firing scud missiles at rebel areas MSF – also known as Doctors Without Borders – says tens of thousands of Syrians are trapped by fighting in Deir al-ZorReports that survivors in Aleppo are being starved out by Assad's regime | UPDATED: 09:43 GMT, 14 December 2012 Body pressed flat against the pavement, a 17-year-old boy is caught on film putting his own life in danger to rescue a total stranger shot by a sniper in Syria. The woman had been walking through the streets of war torn Aleppo with her son when a gunman opened fire and shot her. Rebel fighter Abdullah, 17, spotted the woman and decided he had to get her to safety.

Bashar Assad"s troops fire missiles at rebels in northern Syria is escalation of conflict

Syrian government forces fire Scud missiles at insurgents in north of the country in escalation of two-year conflictPresident Bashar Assad's forces fire six missiles at rebel forcesFirst time missiles have been used in bloody conflict New Syrian coalition opposition approved by more than 100 nations | UPDATED: 00:53 GMT, 13 December 2012 The Syrian government has escalated hostilities with rebel forces after firing more than six scud missiles. The attacks are thought to have been the first time President Bashar Assad's military has used missiles to attack insurgents during the two-year conflict