Holloway Road attack: Man, 25, arrested after woman seriously hurt in "unprovoked" sword attack on north London street

Hunting knives, gas mask, crossbow and mallet: Terrifying haul of weapons 'found on man who attacked woman in the street with 2ft-long samurai sword' Woman is seriously hurt in random sword attack in north London early this morningA man was found at the scene with swords, a cross bow, hunting knives and a gas maskThe 25-year-old is currently being questioned by detectivesPolice today praised a lone officer who bravely tackled the man Local residents described hearing the woman scream 'like an animal' | UPDATED: 17:58 GMT, 24 December 2012 A man armed with a Samurai sword, a cross bow and several hunting knives has been arrested after a woman was seriously hurt in a random street attack this morning. Residents living close to the scene in Holloway Road, north London, described hearing the woman screaming 'like an animal' as she was slashed repeatedly with a two foot long sword.

Comic book fan Tanis Baker arrested by armed police after dressing up as "ninja superhero" with wooden sword to "help fight crime"

Downfall of a Ninja: Vigilante in black on mission to fight crime with wooden sword and smoke bombs – till armed police and helicopter swoop on him Tanis Baker, 21, dressed as a ninja to 'strike fear in the hearts of criminalsHe was arrested after officers who spotted him became concernedHe was soon surrounded by armed police, dogs and a helicopter Two hidden rucksacks containing smokebombs and costumes found after arrest | UPDATED: 23:43 GMT, 13 December 2012 Lurking in the shadows in his body armour and balaclava, neighbourhood vigilante and self-styled ninja Tanis Baker considered himself the eyes and ears of the police. Until, that is, he was spotted loitering in a park by an officer who mistook the black-clad crimebuster’s trusty wooden sword for something more lethal. Within minutes the officer had called for back-up and – as Baker retreated towards a children’s playground – a police helicopter, armed officers and dog handlers were all scrambled.