"My mum"s doing the shopping": Picture of sleeping baby left in locked car with note provokes fury in New Zealand

'My mum's doing the shopping': Picture of sleeping baby left in locked car with note provokes fury in New ZealandNote written from baby's perspective and included a phone numberIt read: 'My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything'A shocked passer-by spotted the infant in a supermarket car parkPhoto was posted Facebook and attracted thousands of comments But police will not be investigating because no one has reported it By Alex Gore PUBLISHED: 10:56 GMT, 25 March 2013 | UPDATED: 23:24 GMT, 25 March 2013 A mother has provoked anger in New Zealand by leaving her newborn baby alone in a locked vehicle outside a supermarket with a note explaining that she had gone shopping. The message, written from the baby's perspective, included the women's mobile number and urged people to call her if necessary. A shocked passer-by had photographed the sleeping infant, visible through the window, on Saturday

The real life sleeping beauty: Teenager suffers from rare condition which makes her nod off for 12 DAYS at a time

The real-life sleeping beauty, 17, who has illness which makes her belt out songs while snoozing for 12 DAYS at a timeShannon Magee has rare neurological disorder called Kleine-Levin SyndromeSuffers bizarre episodes where she will sleepwalk naked and gorge sweetsHas slept through Christmases, skiing holidays and even her GCSE examsLikens illness, dubbed Sleeping Beauty syndrome, to 'being awake in coma' | UPDATED: 13:28 GMT, 27 December 2012 'Like being awake in a coma': Teenager Shannon Magee suffers from a rare disorder which makes her sleep for nearly a fortnight at a time A teenager has been dubbed a real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' after being struck down by a medical condition which makes her nod off for almost 12 days at a time.