A blast of heavy metal "boosts blooms": Study finds plants that listened to Black Sabbath had the best flowers (but those that listened to…

A blast of heavy metal 'boosts blooms': Study finds plants that listened to Black Sabbath had the best flowers (but those that listened to Cliff Richard all died)Flowers exposed to heavy metal had best flowers and resistance to diseasePlants exposed to 60s star Cliff Richard died By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 23:18 GMT, 18 April 2013 | UPDATED: 06:33 GMT, 19 April 2013 Chris Beardshaw (pictured) told listeners that a diet of Black Sabbath was best for plants Talking to your plants is supposed to be good for them.

Derby house fire trial: Mick Philpott sang Elvis songs hours after blaze and tried to get rich off back of deaths

Philpott sang Elvis songs at Karaoke hours after blaze and tried to 'get rich quick' off the back of his children's death Mick Philpott faked a collapse at a press conference after children's deaths Wanted money donated for funeral costs converted into Argos vouchers Mairead Philpott showed off her 80 trainers at a barbecue Philpott told fundraisers to sell teddy bears left outside family home By Andy Dolan and Paul Bentley PUBLISHED: 22:45 GMT, 2 April 2013 | UPDATED: 06:58 GMT, 3 April 2013 Mick and Mairead Philpott wanted to 'get rich quick' off the back of their six children's deaths Within hours of the fatal fire, the behaviour of Mick and Mairead Philpott was already arousing the suspicions of the police. The couple were keen to ‘get rich quick’ off the back of the children’s deaths, receiving at least 3,100 directly in cash gifts which they used to buy new sportswear and to get drunk at parties. The pattern of inappropriate behaviour in the aftermath of the blaze also saw Philpott: ■ Fake a collapse and joke around in a hospital mortuary ■ Sing the 1975 Elvis Presley songs Suspicious Minds and My Boy on a pub karaoke machine and proposition a female police officer during a ‘jovial’ visit to a hospital when he called his children ‘little sh***’ ■ Appear at a barbecue where his drunken wife showed off a new pair of 80 pink trainers.

The real life sleeping beauty: Teenager suffers from rare condition which makes her nod off for 12 DAYS at a time

The real-life sleeping beauty, 17, who has illness which makes her belt out songs while snoozing for 12 DAYS at a timeShannon Magee has rare neurological disorder called Kleine-Levin SyndromeSuffers bizarre episodes where she will sleepwalk naked and gorge sweetsHas slept through Christmases, skiing holidays and even her GCSE examsLikens illness, dubbed Sleeping Beauty syndrome, to 'being awake in coma' | UPDATED: 13:28 GMT, 27 December 2012 'Like being awake in a coma': Teenager Shannon Magee suffers from a rare disorder which makes her sleep for nearly a fortnight at a time A teenager has been dubbed a real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' after being struck down by a medical condition which makes her nod off for almost 12 days at a time.

How nostalgia and even listening to the Beatles can make you feel hotter

How the fab four can warm you up: Researchers find nostalgia, and even listening to the Beatles, can make you feel hotterResearchers found listening to old music or recalling past events could make people feel physically warmer | UPDATED: 01:47 GMT, 4 December 2012 If you've drawn the curtains and turned up the heating but still feel a bit chilly, cosy up with some old photos. Nostalgic thoughts literally give us a warm glow, a study has found.