China earthquake: TV girl breaks off wedding to start reporting in gown and veil

Dedicated TV presenter cuts short her wedding after earthquake hits, grabs mic and starts reporting from scene still in her bridal gown and veil Intrepid reporter Chen Ying's wedding rocked by tremorsBut instead of panicking she grabbed mic and started broadcast Video has gone viral in China as viewers praise 'professional spirit' By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 19:45 GMT, 20 April 2013 | UPDATED: 12:09 GMT, 21 April 2013 Most brides would expect the earth to move on their wedding day – but not literally.

Iran earthquake: 32 killed and hundreds injured near nuclear plant

Huge earthquake near nuclear plant in Iran kills 37 and injures hundredsTremor strikes in rural deep south of Iran crushing houses to rubble Authorities insist no damage to nuclear plant nearby but no verification PUBLISHED: 17:20 GMT, 9 April 2013 | UPDATED: 00:23 GMT, 10 April 2013 At least 37 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a 6.1 magnitude earthquake near a nuclear plant in southern Iran on Tuesday, Iranian officials said. The earthquake struck the town of Kaki some 96 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of Bushehr, a town on the Persian Gulf that is home of Iran's first nuclear power plant, built with Russian help

New "alcohol busting" drug that sobers you up in seconds being developed

I'll drink to that! New 'alcohol busting' drug that sobers you up in seconds being developed by MIT scientists By Helen Pow PUBLISHED: 23:26 GMT, 17 February 2013 | UPDATED: 10:40 GMT, 18 February 2013 Party animals could soon be able to sober up in an instant just by popping a pill. Researchers have developed a cocktail of alcohol metabolizing enzymes that speedily reduces blood alcohol levels in drunk mice. The treatment, which has been compared to having 'millions of liver cells inside your stomach,' could have far-reaching implications for drinkers.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 in "near miss" with the Earth, will pass within 17,000 miles from earth on Friday

Asteroid in ‘near miss’ with the Earth: Object capable of destroying London will pass within 17,000 miles from earth on Friday Scientists say there no chance the space rock will hit the planet But the asteroid could collide with satellites disrupting your mobile phone DA14, has been closely tracked since its discovery a year ago. It is predicted to reach its nearest point to the Earth at around 7.30pm UK time on Friday. Experts have calculated it will stay at least 17,200 miles (27,681km) away – easily far enough to be safe, but a very close shave in astronomical terms

Stephen Ashton: British tourist, 22, shot dead in crossfire at Thai New Year"s Eve beach party

British tourist, 22, is shot dead by stray bullet after Thai New Year's Eve beach party ends in gunfireKilled at a party on the island of Koh Phangan in southern Thailand Thai man opened fire at a bar on the island in early hours of morning Shot in the torso and although he was rushed to Ban Don International Hospital he was pronounced deadThailand has the highest number of guns in civilian hands in S.E.

The 1,000-year-old wooden bridges that keep modern China moving: Stunning timber structures have withstood test of time

The 1,000-year-old wooden bridges that keep modern China moving: Stunning timber structures have withstood test of timeRemarkable images of bridges built nearly 1,000 years ago and still in useThe wooden bridges in south east China have been listed as cultural relicsKnowledge and skills been passed on down the years to maintain them | UPDATED: 18:21 GMT, 27 December 2012 Still standing and still in every-day use – the arched wooden bridges built in China nearly 1,000 years ago demonstrate the true skill of the master craftsmen who first constructed them. These stunning structures show how not every part of China has been altered by its remarkable rate of development.

Tiny Christmas tree that gave the Nazis" prisoners hope: Survivor still lights candles 78 years after receiving gift from his parents

Tiny Christmas tree that gave the Nazis' prisoners hope: Survivor still lights candles 78 years after receiving gift from his parentsPolish POW was sent the tree whilst in German camp in 1944 Janusz Kent, 87, who now lives in East Sussex, has lit the tree each Christmas since | UPDATED: 23:49 GMT, 26 December 2012 It is only a few inches tall, but this tiny tree had the power to lend hope to hundreds of the Nazis’ prisoners. Janusz Kent received it in 1944 while he was in the Stalag 11A camp in southern Germany, having been locked up for taking part in the Warsaw Uprising. Within minutes hundreds of prisoners in the camp, which included inmates from across Europe and Russia, had gathered around his window, to sing Silent Night and other carols in different languages in the snow

Rise in number of families with four cars: Working women and their stay-at-home offspring behind rise in vehicles on the drive

The four-car families: Working women and their stay-at-home offspring behind rise in vehicles on the driveFamilies with four or more cars account for nearly one in 50 of all householdsStudy by RAC Foundation analysed census results | UPDATED: 00:58 GMT, 26 December 2012 The number of households with four or more cars has soared by 51 per cent to nearly half a million over the past decade. The rising number of women who work is one factor behind the increase

Winter storm "Draco" continues to wreak havoc with heavy snow and winds

Winter storm 'Draco' wreaks havoc across U.S. with 5,200 flights delayed and heavy snow stranding millions trying to get home for Christmas 131 flights cancelled today and 5,843 delayed across the U.S.National Weather Service issues winter storm warnings for Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Ohio as well as parts of Northern California and Oregon Delays of an hour or more were reported at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and La Guardia Airport in New YorkAt least four people dead in treacherous driving conditionsThree people killed in 25-vehicle pileup in Iowa after drivers were blinded by snow | UPDATED: 21:47 GMT, 22 December 2012 Powerful winds and snow whipped parts of the eastern United States on Saturday, carrying the promise of a white Christmas while threatening to cause havoc for the many Americans traveling for the holidays. The storm moving in from the Midwest was sending strong winds into the mid-Atlantic states and southern New England and buried parts of Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin in more than a foot of snow earlier this week.

Ghosts of the mountains: Natural light phenomenon leaves haunting halo around shadow

Just what did this photographer capture in this 'Ghostly' man of the mountains Brocken Spectre is actually a person's shadow cast onto low-lying cloudsLight diffraction causes figures to be surrounded by a multi-coloured 'halo'Stunning examples photographed in Ukraine's Chatyr-Dag mountain regionAccording to climbers' superstition, whoever sees one will die the next day | UPDATED: 18:48 GMT, 19 December 2012 This eerie ghost-like figure left a group of trekkers stunned when it suddenly appeared over a mountain range, but it was nothing more than the rare natural phenomenon known as a Brocken Spectre.