Thousands of officers forced to declare their second jobs in major shake-up to raise professional standards in the police

Thousands of officers forced to declare their second jobs and publish salaries in major shake-up to improve public trust in policeReform will affect more than 20,000 police officers who have second jobsIt is part of a new code of conduct to try to raise professional standards , compared with 19,329 in March 2011. Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said the integrity reforms were welcome but 'they don't go far enough'. She said: 'Our duty in this house is to make sure police officers get the support they need, and have a proper framework of accountability to keep standards high

What a gas! Federal worker cited by bosses for "uncontrollable flatulence" in the workplace

What a gas! Federal worker cited by bosses for 'uncontrollable flatulence' in the workplace | UPDATED: 18:08 GMT, 22 December 2012 A Social Security Administration worker has been cited by his superiors for 'conduct unbecoming a federal officer,' relating to his 'uncontrollable flatulence' in the workplace. The Maryland man, 38, was reportedly hit with a five-page reprimand Dec. 10 that included a meticulously-crafted log of specific dates and times when coworkers observed – or overheard – him 'releasing the awful and unpleasant odor' in his Baltimore office.

Jimmy Savile: BBC took three weeks to correct mistakes on Newsnight blog

Ex-Sky News boss to investigate why it took three weeks to correct mistakes on blog that tried to justify cancellation of Newsnight Savile probe Claims emerge that Peter Rippon was told his blog post was misleading the day after he wrote itBut BBC bosses took three weeks to publish a correctionAllegations to be investigated by Nick Pollard as part of broad investigation | UPDATED: 10:42 GMT, 10 December 2012 The BBC faces further criticism over the Jimmy Savile scandal after it has emerged that managers knew a blog post justifying the cancellation of a Newsnight investigation into the disgraced presenter was misleading almost three weeks before a correction was issued. Peter Rippon, the editor of Newsnight, was told that his post contained crucial errors the day after he wrote it in an attempt to explain his decision to pull the segment, which would have aired around the same time as gushing tributes to the veteran TV host. Although he passed on the information to his superiors, the blog was not corrected for another 19 days, it has been revealed.