Mother-of-twelve loses home in fire days before Christmas as she sat at daughter"s bedside in hospital

Mother-of-twelve loses home in fire days before Christmas as she sat at daughter's bedside in hospitalHeidi Barton was at hospital with her baby daughter who had to undergo an operation when fire took holdThe 43-year-old lost everything in the home including three of the family's pet dogs and a tortoise | UPDATED: 19:10 GMT, 27 December 2012 A mother-of-12 has lost everything in a blaze which destroyed her home, killed her pets and engulfed the ashes of her dead child on her birthday just three days before Christmas. The port of Brixham in Devon is rallying to help Heidi Barton and her family after the devastating fire

The real life sleeping beauty: Teenager suffers from rare condition which makes her nod off for 12 DAYS at a time

The real-life sleeping beauty, 17, who has illness which makes her belt out songs while snoozing for 12 DAYS at a timeShannon Magee has rare neurological disorder called Kleine-Levin SyndromeSuffers bizarre episodes where she will sleepwalk naked and gorge sweetsHas slept through Christmases, skiing holidays and even her GCSE examsLikens illness, dubbed Sleeping Beauty syndrome, to 'being awake in coma' | UPDATED: 13:28 GMT, 27 December 2012 'Like being awake in a coma': Teenager Shannon Magee suffers from a rare disorder which makes her sleep for nearly a fortnight at a time A teenager has been dubbed a real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' after being struck down by a medical condition which makes her nod off for almost 12 days at a time.

Little girl whose TONGUE wouldn"t stop growing – and nearly suffocated her – can smile again thanks to surgery

Remarkable story of little girl whose TONGUE wouldn't stop growing – but now she can smile thanks to surgeryOlivia, now two, was born with syndrome that caused accelerated growth of her tongue. Doctors first noticed something amiss during a 4D scan The condition left her unable to eat or talk and she needed a tracheotomy to help her breathe It is now under control after three rounds of surgery and her parents say she is always smiling and is catching up with her peers | UPDATED: 23:19 GMT, 10 December 2012 A toddler born with a condition that meant her tongue wouldn't stop growing can now smile for the first time, thanks to surgery. Baby Olivia Gillies nearly suffocated because her tongue suffered 'accelerated growth' – caused by Beckwiths Wiedemann Syndrome