Graham Mellor: Body of 7ft 2in "gentle giant" who died aged 72 is turned away from local crematoriums

Too tall to be cremated: Body of 7ft 2in 'gentle giant' who died aged 72 is turned away from local crematoriums Graham Mellor passed away at his home in Stoke-on-Trent at age of 72Two nearby crematoriums could not fit his 7ft 9in coffin into furnacesFamily now face a 70-mile round trip to facility that can cater for himCousin: 'I am completely taken aback. It will have to be a two-day funeral' Former barman was crowned 'Staffordshire's Tallest Man' in 1967 By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 12:21 GMT, 27 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:59 GMT, 28 February 2013 To his many friends and relatives, Graham Mellor was always larger than life. At 7ft 2in, though, the gentle giant sometimes admitted that being so tall was a burden

Happy New Year! Spectacular pictures show countries across the globe celebrating the arrival of 2013

Goodbye 2012! Enjoy the New Year in these spectacular pictures as countries across the globe celebrate the arrival of 2013Swimmers brave freezing temperatures to take part in New Year's Day dips across the world Members of grenadier corps in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, fire 12 shots with a cannon at 8amCentral Pacific Ocean island of Kiritimati (Christmas Island) first to usher in the New YearSydney saw 2013 at 1pm GMT, with some 1.5 million people attending the city's eventsIn Philippines a child fights for life and more than 400 people hurt by firecrackers and gunfire in celebrationsThe increasingly democratic Myanmar – also known as Burma – celebrated with its first ever public countdownMoscow's Red Square was filled with spectators as fireworks exploded near the Kremlin to welcome the new year200,000 turn out in Shanghai to witness the 4D light show and lighting up of historical buildingsMulticolored fireworks danced up and down the world's tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – in Dubai The festive mood in New Delhi has been marred by the death of a young rape victim on Saturday More than 1 million people will pack into New York's streets for the traditional crystal ball drop in Times SquareAmerican Samoa will be the last place on Earth to herald in the New Year on Tuesday at 11am GMT | UPDATED: 16:07 GMT, 1 January 2013 Major celebrations to welcome the new year have taken place in some of the world's most iconic locations throughout today.