"Extreme recycler" fills just ONE rubbish bag in a year after making resolution to re-use as much waste as he can

'I filled just one bag of rubbish in a whole year!' Extreme recycler keeps resolution to re-use nearly all his waste John Newson composted or recycled most of his wasteSingle bag full of film packaging he has crammed into plastic bottlesRecycler says he wanted to 'push himself' | UPDATED: 00:36 GMT, 1 January 2013 If you gave the dustmen a hefty tip this Christmas because you feel guilty about the amount of rubbish you put out, you might want to take a leaf out of John Newson’s book. Yesterday he celebrated achieving his goal of producing only one bag of refuse in an entire year. Mr Newson has picked through his leftovers every day since last New Year’s Day, putting all his uneaten food on a compost heap in his garden