Schoolboy, 13, excluded from lessons for breaching health and safety rules by wearing traditional tie instead of clip-on version

Tied in knots by elf 'n' safety: Schoolboy, 13, excluded for wearing traditional version instead of a clip-on Teenager Max Richmond says children need to learn how to wear one Headteacher says clip on ties supports health and safety of youngsters HSE said it was a 'myth' that health and safety bans traditional school ties By Anna Edwards PUBLISHED: 09:24 GMT, 14 February 2013 | UPDATED: 10:50 GMT, 14 February 2013 [headerlinks] Max Richmond was put into isolation for a day after he refused to wear a clip on tie Most children have been scolded by a teacher for their scruffy uniform and told to straighten their tie. But one schoolboy has been punished for refusing to wear a clip-on tie because he wants to wear a smarter traditional one – which breaches 'health and safety rules'.