Lithuanian gang who ran Britain"s most prolific church lead theft operation jailed for 20 years

Lithuanian gang which stole lead from church roofs and left a 1m repair bill are jailed for total of 20 years Lincoln-based gang hit 20 churches over three counties in nine monthsThey made almost 70,000 from selling stolen lead but six were arrestedLincolnshire was badly-hit last year but raids have fallen 90% since arrests | UPDATED: 19:35 GMT, 13 December 2012 Britain's most prolific church lead theft gang were today jailed for a total of more than two decades after they left the Church of England with a 1million repair bill at 20 churches across three counties. The gang from Lithuania, who were based in the cathedral city of Lincoln, struck across the East Midlands and were only caught when police stopped a vehicle laden with stolen lead on the A46. They made almost 70,000 from selling stolen lead over nine months in 2011, but six of the gang were arrested after being linked to the offences through sales of stolen metal to recycling yards