Horsemeat scandal: Thousands of horses slaughtered for meat in Romania for a 100 a time

After a life of hard labour, the butcher's knife awaits: The thousands of horses being slaughtered for their meat in Romania for a 100 a time Horses too old to work are sold to abattoirs, ending up on British supermarket shelvesCicalex abattoir is one of 25 in Romania to slaughter horses commerciallyRomania produces 14,000 tons of horsemeat each year, mainly for export By Nick Fagge PUBLISHED: 00:51 GMT, 11 February 2013 | UPDATED: 09:47 GMT, 11 February 2013 Caked in mud and tethered by rope in the tiny yard of a rundown farm, this is one of tens of thousands of horses that face slaughter in Romania every year for their meat.