Passengers on break to Amsterdam spent six minutes in car park before boarding ferry home after delayed by storm

Ferry passengers endured horrendous 30 hour journey through violent storm and only got to spend SIX MINUTES in Amsterdam (in the dark) British tourists hoped to spend all day on Saturday in Dutch capitalPassengers spent minutes in car park before boarding bus to ferry home By Harriet Arkell PUBLISHED: 16:48 GMT, 27 March 2013 | UPDATED: 17:55 GMT, 27 March 2013 British tourists who booked a weekend 'mini-cruise' to Amsterdam spent just six minutes in the Dutch capital after their overnight ferry crossing turned into a 30-hour journey from hell. More than 300 people booked the 48-a-head break to the Netherlands, which should have entailed them arriving in Holland at 9am last Saturday and spending all day in Amsterdam before boarding an 11pm boat home. But after they boarded the DFDS Princess Seaways service from North Shields on Friday afternoon, their boat was lashed by such high winds and rough seas that their arrival at the Dutch port of Ijmuiden was delayed by 13 hours.

UK floods: Three ponies put down after being left marooned by water

Three ponies put down after being left marooned by floodwater as homeowners are warned of fresh deluge to end the yearThe horses had been grazing on flood plains in Over Causeway, Gloucester, which became water-locked following weeks of heavy rain | UPDATED: 22:55 GMT, 30 December 2012 Severe flooding trapped 60 horses on a tiny mud island, leaving them desperate for food and water. Attempts have been made to save the herd, but people living nearby have accused the RSPCA of taking too long to respond. Three of the horses had to be put down after suffering from salmonella, while many others were said to have become seriously dehydrated

Kenneth Putney: Man rescued after drifting at sea for EIGHT DAYS

Man rescued after drifting at sea for EIGHT DAYS: Vietnamese sailors pluck American from stricken yacht on Thai trip Kenneth Putney tried to save the vessel after rope broke with towing ship Mr Putney, from Florida, was left without food for more than a weekHe ate three packs of instant noodles after he was dragged back to shore | UPDATED: 14:16 GMT, 24 December 2012 A man was rescued by Vietnamese fisherman after he had been left drifting at sea for eight days on a broken down yacht. Kenneth Putney, 54, had been with three others towing the yacht from the Philippines to Thailand when the rope broke on December 15 in high winds. He jumped on to the yacht because he feared it would be lost, but was spotted by fisherman Trieu Van Oai waving for help eight days later 15 miles off the coast