Teenagers riot over Instagram sex rumours: Swedish students ‘go berserk’ at police after hundreds of ‘slut’ photos posted online
17-year-old female student allegedly behind 'slut' Instagram postings
Hundreds of students protest outside her school and later in shopping mall



20:00 GMT, 18 December 2012

Riots broke out at a high school in Sweden today after a female student allegedly named and posted pictures of local 13 and 14-year-old girls, calling them 'sluts'.

Running battles were fought with police as students gathered outside Plusgymnasiet high school in Gothenburg where the accused student is believed to study.

Trouble started when an Instagram account was set up calling out for 'Sluts in Gothenburg' on which the pictures, names and the sexual activities of young teen girls were then uploaded. The number of followers swelled to 8,000.

Once the Instagram account was
shut down, allegations as to who was behind it then appeared on a Facebook page.

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Student riot in Gothenburg

Mobbed: Students mobbed cars outside Plusgymnasiet high school in Gothenburg after one of its student is alleged to have uploaded images and names of 13-year-old girls to Instagram, calling them sluts

Gothenburg school riot

Out of control: Students start to run around the side of the building after gathering outside the school in search of the 17-year-old accused of posting the images

Students riot in Gothenburg

Running riot: Protesters charge off down the street and later regroup at a shopping mall in central Gothenburg

Names of suspects started to circulate and comments became violent.

Another Facebook page called for
people to assemble at the school of the 17-year-old girl who is alleged to
have posted the initial 'slut request' and pictures of
the underage girls.

One 22-year-old Gothenburg resident told local media: 'There were pictures of my younger siblings and my friends born around 1997 and upwards that were uploaded.'

At 8.30am today police were called to the school as students threw missiles, jumped on cars and kicked down lampposts.

Streets around the school were blocked off by mounted policemen and city buses were used to shuttle people away from the scene.

A spokesman for the school told local media that the accused student was 'taken out of harm's way.'

The protesters eventually dispersed only for police to be called to a central Gothenburg shopping mall where shoppers were reportedly taking cover in shops as the rioters regrouped.

The incident comes on the day after as it emerged that new policies governing Instagram, the popular image-sharing site, recently purchased by Facebook, would enable it to use members' names and images alongside marketing messages.

It raises fears that that images of its users as young as 13 could be exploited.

Founded in 2010, Instagram is a free
photo-sharing program and social network that allows users to share their pictures with other
Instagram users, of which there are an estimated 100 million.

VIDEO Watch as student protesters gather outside Gothenburg in riot arranged on Facebook

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