That frog's got moves! Extraordinary moment photographer caught animal pulling classic Saturday Night Fever pose



20:28 GMT, 30 December 2012

This funky frog has some impressive dance moves.

And it looks like he's learned from the best.

He was photographed striking a pose reminiscent of John Travolta's iconic stance in 70s classic Saturday Night Fever.

This rhythmic reptile was caught strutting its stuff on a branch in Indonesia

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

Kermit-ed to the dance floor: This frog was photographed strutting his stuff on a branch in Indonesia

The rhythmic reptile
was spotted strutting its stuff on a branch in Indonesia and delighted in showing off its athletic skills for lucky photographer, Herry Sobiran.

Mr Sobiran found the red-eyed tree frog having a boogie in a secluded corner of Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta.

The creature appeared to enjoy a few minutes of rigorous dancing before hopping off into the forest.

Mr Sobiran said he noticed the frog straight away and was surprised to see it striking some unusual positions.

‘I knew I was onto something unique when I saw the tiny frog waving its arms in the air,' he said.

‘It seemed to be having a great time and was more than happy to strike a pose for me.

‘I've never seen a creature act this way before and probably never will again.’