The Duke of Edinburgh 'delighted' by Kate's news



00:15 GMT, 7 December 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy means the Duke of Edinburgh, 91, faces the daunting prospect of becoming a great-grandfather again. How will that make old curmudgeon feel Prince Philip’s friend and biographer Gyles Brandreth tells me: ‘Oh, he’ll be absolutely delighted, though he told me he was a bit baffled recently when a German reporter asked him about his 18 illegitimate children. He’d meant to say 18 godchildren.’

The news of Kate Middleton's pregnancy means Prince Philip is yet again facing the daunting prospect of becoming a great-grandfather

The news of Kate Middleton's pregnancy means Prince Philip is yet again facing the daunting prospect of becoming a great-grandfather

Who said the expenses scandal is over I gather that two ex-Labour MPs still owe the House of Commons around 10,000 for over-claiming on their mortgage allowances – almost three years after first being asked to repay the cash. Ex-Strathkelvin MP John Lyons has an outstanding debt of 9,114.50. And Helen Clark, Peterborough MP for eight years under Tony Blair, still owes 1,150.12 to the public purse. A Commons spokesman tells me a repayment plan is in place. Shouldn’t they be charged interest

Before Prince Charles departed on his recent visit to Australia, he consulted saucy Oz-born novelist Kathy Lette for advice on how to speak to locals. Did he heed any of her advice Kathy, 54, tells me: ‘I was pleased to see that he used my suggestion “one sausage short of a barbie” to describe his jetlag. But I wasn’t surprised he didn’t refer, as I suggested, to Sydney’s gay community as “vagina decliners”.’ Let’s hope Kathy’s wise counsel doesn’t go unrewarded.

Sad to hear that Hollywood legend Paul Newman’s five daughters are squabbling over their father’s fortune. When Newman died in 2008 aged 83, the siblings – who range in age from 47 to 59 – each received $5million. The bulk of the estate was left to the actor’s wife Joanne Woodward. But with Woodward now said to be suffering from Alzheimer’s, they are concerned she will leave it all to charity and are considering legal action. Isn’t it tragic how vast wealth is so often a curse

Unlike many of his pious contemporaries, The Who guitarist Pete Townshend is no wishy-washy liberal. He says: ‘I try and stay away from American politics because I’m a bit of a neo-con. I like the idea of America as the world’s police force. Then we don’t have to do it. You guys sort it out.’ Townshend, 67, refused left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore permission to use his song ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ in his 2004 anti-George Bush documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, citing Moore as a ‘bully’.

The face of X Factor creator Simon Cowell is to join the hated visages of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as a target at Las Vegas’s Machine Guns shooting gallery. Another feather in Simon’s cap