Tragedy as British girl, 8, on holiday in Jamaica dies in shooting at her family"s grocery store

British girl, eight, dies after being shot in head in grocery store on family holiday to Jamaica

Leslie Larson


05:04 GMT, 13 January 2013



08:41 GMT, 13 January 2013

An eight-year-old British girl on holiday in Jamaica with her family was shot dead when an assailant opened fire at a grocery store on Friday evening.

Imani Green, from Balham in South London, was at her cousin's small shop on the island's north coast, in the town of Duncans in Trelawny Parish, when violence broke out during an argument.

She was struck in the head by a bullet from the shooter's 9mm pistol and then was hit in the shoulder by a second bullet.


Holiday: Imani Green, eight, was on holiday with her older sister and mother on the north coast of Jamaica in the town on Duncans in the Trelawny Parish

The girl was in the Caribbean for the winter holiday with her mother, Donna, and 19-year-old sister, Jamila.

girl, who suffered from sickle cell anemia, was with three relatives in
the family's shop when a gunman wearing a hoodie entered and began

Witnesses say the young girl was deliberately targeted in the attack.

Other family members were nearby and
rushed to scene when they heard the gunfire. They found the little girl,
still breathing, in a pool of blood.

She was rushed to the hospital but died before they arrived.

'I picked her up and flagged down a taxi. We took her to hospital to try to save her life but it was too late,' the victim's sister, Jamila, told the Sun newspaper.

Her grandmother, Sandra Fisher, said they 'found her in a pool of blood. It was horrible.'

The other family members in the shop, two women and one man, were also wounded. They were hospitalized and in stable condition.

Her mother was described as inconsolable after the tragedy.


Family: The girl was visiting relatives in the small town of Duncans, a rural area on the north coast of the Caribbean island

Imani's father, Richard – who had remained in Britain over the holiday – was similarly overcome with grief and collapsed when he was informed via telephone that his young daughter had been killed.

'He’s in a bad way. Imani was his life,' the girl's grandmother, 54, said.

There was no report on if the gunman had been apprehended or indication on a motive for the crime.