'I was in shock. I was confused': Woman 'raped' by Amy Winehouse's ex tells court why she didn't run away after alleged attackWoman claims that she was 'confused' about what had happened
Film director says sex was consensual and he was too 'exhausted' to agree to have sex with her for a third timeClaims the fashion designer lit candles and asked him to go to bed with her



17:14 GMT, 11 December 2012

A woman who claims she was raped by the ex-boyfriend of Amy Winehouse kissed him goodbye hours after the alleged ordeal, a court heard today.

Reg Traviss, 35, allegedly had sex with a female friend twice while she was passed out at his flat after a night of heavy drinking.

The fashion designer kissed him goodbye the following afternoon as he walked her to a Tube station before heading out for another night out with friends, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Reg Traviss, who was dating Amy Winehouse when she passed away, has denied accusations that he raped his friend

Reg Traviss, who was dating Amy Winehouse when she passed away, has denied accusations that he raped his friend

Ian Winter QC, defending Traviss, told her: '/12/11/article-2246446-1675E6F4000005DC-757_306x423.jpg” width=”306″ height=”423″ alt=”The boyfriend of late singer Amy Winehouse, seen at Southwark Crown Court, where he faces two counts of rape” class=”blkBorder” />

The boyfriend of late singer Amy Winehouse, seen at Southwark Crown Court, where he faces two counts of rape

'I said goodbye as normal and gave him a little kiss.

'It was only when I got home that evening did I realise what had happened.'

Traviss had been seeing the singer for more than a year when she died at her home in Camden, north London, last July.

He claims their sex was consensual.

The woman was seen walking unaided as
she and Traviss left the Jet Black bar in the early hours of the
morning, the court heard.

CCTV footage from outside the bar showed the woman heading towards a taxi rank with Traviss.

'It shows you coming out with Mr Traviss, waving goodbye and walking down the path', said Mr Winter.

pause to chat to the bouncer, Mr Traviss turns back to talk to the
bouncer again, and as you and he walk off he puts his arm around you to
go to get in a taxi.

'You are perfectly able to walk.

'You are not in a state so that a black taxi driver wouldn't take you.'

The woman told jurors her last memory is clutching the bar inside Jet Black because she was so drunk she was unable to stand unaided.

'What I remember is being upstairs in the bar, holding on to the bar because I couldn't stand', she said.

'I asked Reg to put me in a taxi.'

The woman said she does not remember leaving the club, which is owned by Traviss' brother, and has little memory until she woke up after the first alleged rape.

CCTV of the woman and Traviss, wearing a trademark retro jacket, leaving at 3.42am was played along with footage from inside which showed Traviss and the woman emerging from the toilets, at 3.02am.

'You told us you were so drunk you couldn't walk and had to prop yourself up on the bar', said Mr Winter.

Reg Traviss, seen viewing the flowers left outside the home of Amy Winehouse

Reg Traviss, seen viewing the flowers left outside the home of Amy Winehouse where she died, says that the woman had asked him to go to bed with her

'But when you went to the toilet at 3am, you were perfectly under control, not staggering about, not unable to walk, and not having to be propped up.'

A friend of the alleged victim told the court she broke down in tears the following evening as they headed to a dinner party to celebrate the New Year.

'She was not herself at all and told me she had something she had to tell me', he said.

'She had a very grave look on her face.

'She told me she had been raped the night before, this was obviously a great shock to me.'

He said she was 'kind of ashamed of what happened', but told him about the alleged attacks following her night out with Traviss.

He said she had been 'feeling unusually woozy' during the night, and the sex had not been consensual.

'She used the word “rape”. That was the clincher of the situation that was at hand.'

Reg Traviss claims the woman may have wanted to make money from her accusations

Reg Traviss claims the woman may have wanted to make money from her accusations

Filmmaker Traviss is said to have pounced on his friend of five years at his Marylebone home after a heavy night's drinking at bars around the capital.

She told the court they had arranged to meet on December 30 last year because Traviss was still 'shattered' by the death of the Back to Black singer in July 2011.

The alleged victim, giving evidence, admitted she had gone on a 'big night out' to celebrate the New Year following the alleged attacks.

'I did not want to sit at home and think about it and be miserable', she said.

She went for drinks at a hotel before heading to a warehouse party after midnight in west London, she added.

She claims she passed out on Traviss’ bed and woke up half naked to find him having sex with her.

She told him to stop but woke up later in the day to find Traviss having sex with her again, it is alleged.

'I was in shock and couldn’t understand what had happened', she said.

'I just couldn’t put the two things together, why was something like that happening to me.

'He had always been a friend, and there was nothing that night that would lead him to that.'

Her evidence conflicts with Traviss' version of events, who said he initially refused to sleep with the woman until she begged him to get into bed with her, the court heard.

He told police she pleaded with him to join her in bed, and wanted to continue having sex when he was too tired to go on.

He said he sat up alone for 20 minutes after she got into his bed before she asked him to join her.

'I felt if anything happened, she is a really good looking woman but it has got to be really coming from her side,' Traviss told police in his interview.

'I felt much more comfortable like that.

'I sat up for 20 minutes smoking cigarettes and watching late night TV.

'She nodded off and obvious I could see her, she woke up and then said 'what are you doing Are you coming to bed'.

'I said I will sleep here, and she said “no, no, no, come and sleep in the bed.”

But he initially offered to sleep on the sofa and let her have his bed.

Traviss said he and the woman continued drinking wine when they arrived at his flat, while she revealed intimate details of her past sexual exploits.

'She was telling me about previous relationships she had been in and out of', he said.

'She told me in particular about one night she regretted, where she got really drunk with a guy.

'She was saying how deeply she regretted it, and was quite venomous about the fact they slept together.'

Traviss said the woman lit candles in the fireplace while they sat on the sofa chatting and smoking, and 'it was in the air' that they would have sex.

He said they got into bed and started kissing before she asked if he had any condoms.

He said they had sex 'face to face', but at one point she said they should stop and he agreed.

'I took it to mean we had been friends for four years, we have now ended up in bed, and I said yes, fair enough.'

They went to the sofa to talk, but then returned to the bed and started having sex again, he told officers.

After they had sex again, Traviss claims the woman wanted to continue but he was too tired.

'At this one, it was a bit too much for me, I couldn't perform that much longer', he said.

'I think I might have said to her “I'm just so exhausted, so tired”, and we went to sleep.'

Traviss said when they woke up, he paid the woman back for drinks she had bought the previous night and walked her to the Tube station.

They exchanged texts about possible plans for New Year, but did not meet up. Then the woman said she wanted to meet to discuss the previous night.

Traviss said he did not hear from her
again, and was arrested on suspicion of rape in April when he
voluntarily attended a police station.

But Traviss claim she invented the story to make money.

Asked why she would make it up, he said: 'I've got no idea why she would do this.

'I'm not saying she is, but the only thing I can think of is if she wanted to sell her story.

'She certainly doesn't strike me as
that kind of person to be honest but the more I think about it she does
talk about money and does always come down to saying she has no money,
she's skint.

'I don't know if there's a money factor involved.'

Mr Winter said her story was a 'bald faced lie' and that she was not as drunk as she claims.

Mr Winter said: 'When you got to Mr Traviss' flat in the early hours of December 31, you spent some time lighting some candles, no doubt to make the scene more romantic', he said.

He also suggested she had played with Traviss’ cats before they had consensual sex that night.

The alleged victim said she did not report the rapes immediately because she feared it would be publicised.

'Reg was sort of a public figure, and I was worried about this story being in the press', she said.

'I was worried about my name being published, but either way people were saying to me to go to hospital to get a rape kit.'

Traviss, of Marylebone, London, denies two counts of rape.

The trial continues.