Daughter is given a kidney by both her parents: Critically-ill model to receive organ from her mother… 10 years after receiving transplant from her father
Deborah Maddison has had kidney problems since she was 16Underwent first kidney transplant in 2003 when father donated
26-year-old also suffers from osteoporosis and heart problems She has pursued a successful modelling career despite her poor health

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02:06 GMT, 14 February 2013

A decade ago, Deborah Maddison’s father gave her his kidney, saving her when she had hours left to live.

Now, the model is getting a second gift of life – from her mother, who has stepped in as an organ donor after the first transplant started to fail.

Audrey Maddison, 52, a full-time carer who has two other daughters, said of Deborah: ‘She’s incredible. If we can give her a better quality of life, of course we will.

Life-savers: Deborah Maddison, pictured with her mother Audrey and father Alan

Life-savers: Deborah Maddison, pictured with her mother Audrey who is donating her kidney and father Alan who donated his 10 years ago

 Deborah modelling

 Deborah modelling

Takes things in her stride: Deborah is determined to continue her modelling career despite suffering from osteoporosis, high blood pressure and kidney problems

‘Any parent would do the same. You do anything for your kids.’

When Miss Maddison, 26, fell ill in
2003, a GP said it was indigestion. But tests showed she was anaemic and
her organs were shutting down.

She had a blood transfusion and spent
three months on dialysis, but in May 2003 was taken to hospital with
acute kidney failure.

She was given only two hours to live unless she had a transplant.

Deborah whilst in Leicester General Hospital aged 16

Deborah was told she would have died in two hours if she hadn't received an emergency transplant at Leicester General Hospital in 2003

 Deborah modelling

deborah modelling

Miss Maddison hopes to continue with her modelling career after her next transplant

Her father Alan, 57, a magistrate’s
clerk, proved a good match and gave her his left kidney in an operation
at Leicester General Hospital.

Miss Maddison said: ‘It was bizarre
at first because they thought it was indigestion. But they did some more
tests and found my kidneys had shrivelled to nothing.

‘They told me I had two hours to live if we didn’t get to Leicester Hospital.’

The surgery was a success but a year
later she was diagnosed with heart problems, high blood pressure and
osteoporosis – leaving her with the skeletal structure of a 90-year-old.

Collect of Deborah just before original transplant operation at Leicester General Hospital.

 Deborah in Leicester General Hospital just after her original transplant operation

First kidney surgery: Deborah just before (l) and after (r) she had the transplant op at Leicester General Hospital

However, she refused to let illness stop her modelling and has reached the finals of two swimwear competitions.

Then, just before Christmas, doctors said her father’s donated kidney was failing.

Her second chance came when her mother stepped in.

Tests showed she was a perfect match and the surgery is due to take place next month.

Miss Maddison, of Sleaford,
Lincolnshire, said: ‘I am scared of what’s ahead but have amazing
friends and family who help me stay strong.’

She is appealing for people to join the National Organ Donation Register and help save other lives.