Mastermind behind plans to disrupt Thatcher funeral is Oxford student whose parents live in 700,000 house in Tunbridge Wells
25-year-old Dominic Francis studies at Oxford's Rushkin CollegeFanatics plan to 'celebrate' Iron Lady's death in Central London todayIf people do break the law they will be properly
dealt with,' Mayor said

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13:08 GMT, 12 April 2013



02:31 GMT, 13 April 2013

Dominic Francis

Dominic Francis has organised a demonstration on the Baroness Thatcher funeral route

Protesters plan to disrupt Baroness Thatcher’s funeral by turning their backs on the funeral cortege as it passes.

Thousands of people are supporting the plot as the eyes of millions of people turn on St Paul’s Cathedral next Wednesday.

The architect of the protest is Dominic Francis, 25, whose parents live in a 700,000 home in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Mr Francis, a student at Ruskin
College in Oxford, said mourners had brought the disturbance on
themselves by holding such a public event.

He was urging protests with a ‘heavy heart’ because of the ‘State funding’ of the huge ceremonial event.

Mr Francis said the action would be
peaceful, adding: ‘I support that her mourners should be allowed to
grieve in peace. But when they decided to hold a State-funded, large
ceremony like that, they open themselves up to public criticism.’

Today, police are focusing on
Trafalgar Square, with thousands of anarchists, Left-wingers and trade
unionists vowing to descend on the landmark to ‘celebrate’ Lady
Thatcher’s death.

In an extra headache for police,
thousands of Millwall Football Club fans could clash with protesters in
Central London after watching their side take on Wigan in the FA Cup
semi-final at Wembley.

Boris Johnson warned today that
police will be ready to tackle rioters 'celebrating' the death of
Margaret Thatcher at a giant party planned for Trafalgar Square on
Saturday evening.

Warning: Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Barones Thatcher's funeral could be hijacked by die-hard fanatics who plan to protest

Warning: Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said
troublemakers celebrating Lady Thatcher's death have been warned they
will be 'properly dealt with

Running amok: Black Bloc thugs break away from a TUC protest in London last October

Running amok: Black Bloc thugs break away from a TUC protest in London last October – the group has been linked to tomorrow's 'celebrations'

To the streets: Riot police were forced to take action in Brixton as anti-Thatcher protesters caused disorder

To the streets: Riot police were forced to take action in Brixton as anti-Thatcher protesters caused disorder this week

The Mayor
of London said troublemakers who break the law 'will be properly dealt
with' and questioned why they would rejoice the death of an 87-year-old

Fanatics hope a
‘protest’ in Central London tomorrow will ignite an explosion of
violence that will culminate with disturbances at her funeral on

Thousands are set to rejoice the Iron Lady's death at up to 25 locations across the UK, with the biggest one planned for Trafalgar Square.

It was the scene of the notorious Poll Tax riots in 1990, just before Lady Thatcher left power.

The protesters' campaign of violence is fuelled by rallying threats posted on networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Police intelligence analysts are monitoring a growing torrent of disturbing online messages.

Dozens of groups are urging others to ‘take to the streets’, including one under the title: ‘If Thatcher does get a State Funeral We Will Riot.’

Central London’s streets will be cleared of traffic on the day and the 87-year-old former prime minister’s coffin will be taken to the door of St Paul's Cathedral on a horse-drawn gun carriage.

Military honours from parliament to st pauls

Protesters plan to turn their back to the cortege, and other could try to disrupt it.

'London's police, the MPS, City of London and British Transport Police, are working together to deliver a security operation for Baroness Thatcher's funeral,' a Metropolitan Police spokesman has said.

'Given the nature of the event our operation will use of a range of appropriate tactics.'

On the evening after her death, 300 people assembled in Glasgow's George Square with party hats and streamers, and 150 people threw a raucous celebration in Brixton, south London.

Demonstrators also climbed up the nearby Ritzy Cinema and re-arranged the film titles outside to say: 'Margaret Thatcher's dead. Equality is the key.'

Extra police were called to Brixton as the party raged on until nearly 2am. Two women were arrested on suspicion of burglary after being found inside a shop whose front windows had been smashed.