'I've got a Union Jack onesie,' admits Boris: London Mayor reveals he has an all-in-one during Twitter Q&A session



01:13 GMT, 26 December 2012

Onesie: A patriotic all-in-one outfit similar to the one Boris Johnson has said he owns

Onesie: A patriotic all-in-one outfit similar to the one Boris Johnson has said he owns

In his defence, he only wore it the onesie. But Boris Johnson's sartorial crime will not be easily forgotten.

When the Mayor of London encouraged his Twitter followers to 'Ask Boris' anything, he was perhaps inviting trouble.

For instead of prompting a sensible political debate, a third of questions were about his distinctive white-blond hair, while others were rather more probing.

'Just wondering if you have a onesie or is it on your Christmas list', asked Lisa Oakey, from Wiltshire.

It was a question the over-sharing Tory politician could not resist. 'I have a very remarkable James Bond style union jack onesie', he replied.

Sources at City Hall say he was given the all-in-one outfit – which includes feet and a hood – by a friend just before the Olympics.

Not wanting to seem ungrateful, he then wore it in front of his colleagues at the mayor's office.

Those hoping for a second outing could be disappointed, however.

'Boris has no intentions of making a public appearance in the onesie at the moment', said the source.
'It is made of a thick woolly material and he found it a bit warm. It was also a bit big.'

He said he did not know if Boris planned to wear it for his family, including wife Marina and his four children, over the Christmas holidays.

Onesies have seen resurgence in recent years and everyone from Madonna to actress Angelina Jolie have worn them on the red carpet.

They have also made an appearance in the bedroom, with all-in-one pyjama-style adult romper suits arriving on the high street.

Mr Johnson's fashion choice drew admiration from some fans with one tweeting: 'I actually love Boris! Me and him could have onesie parties', while others begged the mayor for a photograph.

Others were less impressed, with one tweeting: 'I'd like a onesie made from the pelt of Boris Johnson.'

The Mayor's reference to his 'James Bond style' onesie appears to be drawing a comparison between himself and Sean Connery.

The actor wore a pale blue towelling onesie in Goldfinger in 1964, but it is not known if Mr Johnson managed to pull his outfit off with quite as much panache.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has admitted he owns a 'James Bond-style' onesie

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has admitted he owns a 'James Bond-style' onesie

During the 30-minute 'Ask Boris' session, the mayor also answered a question about when he was planning a Politician's Olympics, quipping: 'John Prescott for the croquet, Ed Miliband for the high jump, Jeremy Hunt for the bell whanging'.

But he studiously ignored the many questions about his hair.

'If yours and Donald Trump's hair had a fight, which would win' asked one follower, while another said, 'Why don't you advertise your own hair products and say 'Get the hungover look' at the end'.'

Most simply wanted to know how they could achieve the same look.

'How do you give your hair so much bounce and vitality', said a fan, while several others asked 'how do you get your hair so fluffy and perfect', and 'what shampoo do you use to make your hair so beautifully soft and sleek'.

It was not the kind of questions that his staff had intended when they advertised the 'Ask Boris' session last Thursday as a chance to 'talk to the Mayor about what matters to you most in London'.

The experience has not put Mr Johnson off partaking in another question and answer session though.

On Sunday, he tweeted: 'Would just like to wish you all a merry xmas and I'll be back for more #askboris in 2013.'