'They danced in the streets when Hitler died too': Drama teacher who organised Thatcher death parties remains unrepentant as it's revealed she had NHS breast implantsRomany Blythe, 45, created 'The Witch Is Dead Party' Facebook groupWorks with 'potentially criminalised individuals' in drama workshops'They danced in the streets when Hitler died too,' she said todayPreviously claimed her PIP breast implants caused a miscarriage
Special needs teacher Craig Parr, 27, works at Miliband's old schoolOrganised Brixton 'death party', holding 'Rejoice. Thatcher is dead' placard
Invited people to celebrate death of UK's first female Prime Minister

she revealed fears her PIP breast implants had led to a miscarriage.

She was first given the implants in 2000 after years of suffering low self esteem because of a tuberous breast deformity.

'I didn't do the rioting – I just organised a Facebook page,' she said.

'I'm actually the voice of reason I didn't fan the flames.

'It was a way for us to come together and create unity and solidarity.

'There was no other time we could come together as a group and recognise what had happened to us.

'It was about politics, not about hatred.'

Another teacher has also been unmasked as a key architect of the vile ‘death parties’.

Craig Parr is employed at Labour leader Ed Miliband’s old school and has worked with the youngest and most impressionable pupils there, while the other teaches troubled and vulnerable children.

The teacher at Haverstock
School in north London – nicknamed ‘Labour’s Eton’ – was pictured
parading with a sick placard which read: ‘Rejoice. Thatcher is dead.’

27-year-old special needs teacher and union activist led chants of
‘Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, dead, dead, dead’ at a death party he organised
in Brixton, south London, on Monday night which ended in violent

Last night critics condemned the pair’s behaviour as ‘revolting’ and ‘offensive’.

Sick: Special needs teacher Craig Parr, employed at 'Labour's Eton' in north London, is celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher in Brixton

Sick: Special needs teacher Craig Parr, employed at 'Labour's Eton' in north London, is celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher in Brixton

Brixton 'Maggie death party'

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Douglas Carswell, Tory MP for Clacton
in Essex, said: ‘We must not have teachers working in schools with
young people at the public’s expense who think it’s acceptable to behave
like this. Such behaviour is wrong.’


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The fresh revelations about those behind the death parties emerged as:

Sir Mark Thatcher said his mother would be ‘greatly honoured as well as humbled’ by the Queen attending her funeral;

Left-wing MPs, including Glenda Jackson, used a Commons debate to launch vicious attacks on Lady Thatcher;

Cameron led tributes in the house, saying: ‘She made the political
weather, she made history, and – let this be her epitaph – she made our
country great again’;

Union leader Bob Crow provoked outrage by saying he hoped Lady Thatcher would ‘rot in hell’; and

Police stepped up their operation to thwart efforts by anarchist groups to disrupt the funeral.

yesterdays mail

Mr Parr, a member of the Socialist
Workers Party, joined Haverstock School in September last year and was
given the sensitive role of teaching children with special needs.

He was
also made a form teacher for Year 7 children, who at the ages of 11 and
12 are the youngest and most impressionable pupils.

Mr Parr is a member of the Lambeth branch of the National Union of Teachers and has previously urged fellow teachers to strike.

Last night headteacher John Dowd said he condemned Mr Parr’s behaviour ‘in the strongest possible terms’.

Mr Dowd said Mr Parr had resigned from his post in February after concerns were raised about his conduct.

However, he is still employed by the school and will officially remain a teacher at Haverstock until the end of this month.

school, situated in the fashionable London district of Camden, has
been described as a finishing school for the Labour politicians of the

Romany Blythe, pictured here with former Labour politician Tony Benn,

Romany Blythe, pictured here with former Labour politician Tony Benn, is an administrator of the group which wanted to 'celebrate freedom from tyranny'

Its former pupils
include Ed Miliband’s brother David, former Labour MP Oona King, Tom
Bentley, who is a special adviser to Australia’s Labour prime minister
Julia Gillard, and the author Zoe Heller.

Parr, who was brought up in a modest home in Oxford, will have little
or no memory of Lady Thatcher’s time in power given that he was just
five when she left office.

teacher was invited to speak at a House of Commons committee two
months ago on the issues within schools surrounding same-sex marriage.

pugh maggie demo

Mr Parr, a member of Schools OUT, an
association for gay and lesbian teachers, said pupils should be given a
‘balanced view’ of the world.

Wearing a suit and tie, he told MPs that his own beliefs ‘take a back foot’ when teaching.

said: ‘We have a duty to treat pupils with dignity and build up
relationships of mutual respect, and we must also show tolerance and
British values.’

Such noble words appeared to be forgotten in the hours after Lady Thatcher’s death on Monday.

Dressed in black, he was reported as saying: ‘We’re here to rejoice the death of Thatcher, but her legacy lives on today.

‘We can see that here in Brixton the poorest are suffering with the bedroom tax and benefit caps.

‘If Thatcher was a good Christian woman then maybe she’ll go to heaven, but I’m an atheist so I won’t worry about that.’

A snapshot of his Facebook page also provides a disturbing insight.

A message written in large letters, which any of his students could find, reads: ‘We don’t need sex, the Government f**** us!’

Parr describes himself as a ‘revolutionary socialist’ and appears to
support various anarchist groups who have caused unrest in the past.

asked about his actions at his two-bedroom flat in a semi-detached
Victorian house in West Norwood, south London, he said: ‘Why does it
matter if I’m a teacher’


The Witch Is Dead Party group suggested lots of places for people together and celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher

night Mr Dowd said: ‘Craig Parr was employed from September 2012 as a
teacher of Special Educational Needs on a one-year fixed term contract.

resigned his post in February 2013 due to concerns that I raised with
him about his conduct and he has not attended school since that time.

‘His views and actions are his alone, but I would condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.

approach to the teaching of politics and indeed to developing an
objective understanding of the range of political positions, doctrines
and views are fundamental to our ethos.

Margaret Thatcher has been the target of hateful 'death parties'

Margaret Thatcher has been the target of hateful 'death parties'

Thatcher’s death has clearly led to a polarisation of views about her
role as prime minister. As a school community we would offer her our
respect and offer our condolences to her family as we would for any of
our families suffering bereavement.’

Mr Parr’s fellow rabble-rouser Miss Blythe, 45, stoked up anger by
creating a Facebook page called ‘The witch is dead’.

On it she called for ‘demonstrations of disapproval’ across the country.

wrote: ‘So the old bag has copped it finally! Party in the square
tomorrow then! Come and celebrate our liberty and freedom from tyranny!
On the day Maggie stands down, once and for all!’

A number of places on the list were the locations of the sick ‘death parties’, including Bristol, London and Glasgow.

Miss Blythe is a drama teacher with a workshop company that visits secondary schools.

specialises in ‘facilitating workshops for young, excluded and
potentially criminalised individuals and uses drama techniques she has
developed to explore resolution of conflict and oppression’, according
to the company’s website.

Facebook she appears in photographs holding a hammer and sickle flag
and posing alongside the former Cabinet Minister Tony Benn.

in an interview last year, she said her dislike of the former prime
minister came from being told she might never find work on leaving
school in 1984.


With Ed and David Miliband among its alumni, Haverstock School has been nicknamed ‘Labour’s Eton’.

Labour peer Oona King is also a former pupil of the north London comprehensive, mischievously described as a finishing school for Left-wing politicians.

Other old boys and girls include Tom Bentley, a special adviser to Australia’s Labour prime minister Julia Gillard and a former adviser to David Blunkett, and the author Zoe Heller, who described her mother as a Labour activist with ‘Stalinist inclinations’.

Alumni: Both Labour leader Ed and his brother David Miliband attended the north London comprehensive school

Alumni: Both Labour leader Ed and his brother David Miliband attended the north London comprehensive school

Last year Labour leader Ed Miliband – whose father Ralph was a noted Marxist academic – recalled it as being a ‘really tough school’ in his speech to the Labour Party Annual Conference.

A Labour Party political broadcast also focused on his education at Haverstock as it aimed to show him as no-nonsense member of the working class.

As some observers have pointed out, however, its catchment area included the middle-class Hampstead intelligentsia.

In attendance: N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa also went to Haverstock

In attendance: N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa also went to Haverstock

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Mr Miliband said he had been beaten up at the school on at least one occasion.

But it was subsequently claimed that the fight happened only after he called a fellow pupil a ‘Turkish b*****d’.

His brother, former Foreign Secretary David, went back to Haverstock, which became a business and enterprise specialist college under Labour, to give A-level pupils lessons in Government And Politics in 2011.

When he asked his class why they wanted to study politics some, who had been on demonstrations, said they did not like the cuts, while others had seen the General Election and wanted to know more, he wrote in an article for the Mail on Sunday.

He also took them to visit the House of Commons where there was ‘a chance meeting’ with Dennis Skinner, the outspoken Labour MP for Bolsover and former miner.

‘I asked him to give the students a sense of the history. They were given a lesson in fighting for your rights, fighting for progress – and abolishing the House of Lords. They said they felt they had met a legend,’ Mr Miliband wrote.

Since the the Milibands were pupils, the 1,250-pupil secondary school in Camden has had a major rebuild.

David, then Cabinet Minister for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, was among the guests at the opening of the 21million project in 2006.

Other well-known former Haverstock pupils include the footballers John Barnes and Joe Cole, and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos.