House blaze suspect Mick Philpott 'did not bathe for 12 WEEKS before fatal fire and wore the same boxer shorts every day'Mick Philpott alleged to have started the blaze with two othersReveals his children called him 'tramp' because he didn't bathe for 12 weeks
'I just used to put water on my head and face and that's it,' he saidHe is accused of manslaughter with wife Mairead and friend Paul Mosley They bought cannabis and had sordid threesome on night of fatal fire
Philpott accused of treating Mairead 'like a slave' while taking another loverAdmits he would go to girlfriend Lisa Willis's house for sex and to 'decorate'
Court heard his wife had an abortion after falling pregnant while doggingHer QC accuses him of 'blackening' her name with tales of sex and drugs


'But she's not sticking to the story, is she Mairead has broken ranks with you. She's no longer sticking to the story', he said.

Mick replied: 'I don't care what Mairead is doing. I'm telling the whole truth. If Mairead wants to break ranks that's entirely up to her.'

Mr Latham told Philpott: 'This case is about you, isn't it Me, me, me.'

Philpott accused the prosecution of building its case around his bad reputation.

Mr Latham replied: 'The world has to be seen as it is seen by Mick Philpott or not at all.

'You speak the whole time in terms of me, me, me. It's me, me, me all the time.'

He told Philpott: 'You ruled number 18 with a rod of iron, didn't you You wouldn't take dissent.'

Philpott replied: 'You're talking a lot of rubbish.'

Allegations: Philpott was accused of being controlling and treating his wife Mairead (pictured together on their wedding day) as a 'slave'

Allegations: Philpott was accused of being controlling and treating his wife Mairead (pictured together on their wedding day) as a 'slave'

Mr Latham continued: 'You get what you want by whatever means necessary.'

He accused Philpott of having 'tactics' to ensure he got his own way.

He said Philpott would use sweet talk, demands and tantrums to get what he wanted.

'If all else fails, we throw a sickie, don't we We start crying or we flop to the ground. And when you cry, there are no tears are there It's all an act,' Mr Latham told him.

Philpott replied: 'No.'

Mr Latham continued: 'Sticking to a story is sticking to a lie, isn't it'

Philpott replied: 'No.'

Mr Latham asked him: 'You were in this together, weren't you'

Philpott shook his head.

Mr Latham accused Philpott of controlling his wife and what she told the police.

'That's how you treat your women, isn't it, Mr Philpott They jump to your command, don't they

'You are controlling – that's how you treat women, isn't it”

He told Philpott: 'This case is about you wanting your way.'

Deadly blaze: Philpott surrounded by the six children whose lives were claimed by the fatal house fire last May

Deadly blaze: Philpott surrounded by the six children whose lives were claimed by the fatal house fire

The court heard Mairead's defence is that she was asleep when the fire was started and that his trainers were then placed on an item of her clothing, leaving traces of petrol on them and implicating her as well.

While they were being questioned separately for 48 hours after arrest, being apart from Mairead and not knowing what she was saying to police was a 'nightmare' for him, the lawyer suggested.

A covert recording taken in a bugged police van caught him whispering to her: 'Are you sticking to the story' The court heard.

She replied: 'mmmmm' before he said 'good'. He was also allegedly caught on tape asking Mairead if she wants him 'to blab about it'.

But Philpott disputes the tapes, saying he was simply worried she'd tell police about their 'degrading' dogging sessions.

'You were in this together,' Latham added.

Regret: Philpott cried as he described his wife Mairead a a great mother

Regret: Philpott was grilled by his wife Mairead's QC today, who accused him of treating he like a 'slave'

'You were not fussed about what she mentioned about dogging, you were fussed about the details of the fire, weren't you That's what you were fussed about. Was she sticking to the story about the fire

Philpott replied: 'No, there was no story about the fire.' He also denied knowing the Premier Inn room he and Mairead stayed in after the fire was bugged, despite being heard allegedly saying: 'It's all camera-ed up, there's all cameras in here.'

He told the court that this phrase was used as a joke.

Mick Philpott started his second day in
the dock at Nottingham Crown Court by describing what life was like in
the council house his 'babies' had died in last May.

He admitted his family called him a 'tramp' because he did not shower or bathe for 12 weeks before the fire.

Philpott also told the court he rarely changed his clothes, wearing the same boxer shorts and jogging bottoms and changing only his T-shirts daily.

'My kids used to call me a tramp. In the morning I just used to put water on my head and face and that's it,' he said.

'I try to stick to the ones I'm wearing because I don't do a lot of work.'

Later, Mairead Philpott's barrister accused Philpott of trying to 'blacken' his wife's name with claims about sex and drugs.

The court heard yesterday that the couple were involved in a sex act with co-accused Paul Mosley in the hotel following the fatal fire at their home.

However today Philpott claimed there were other occasions while they were staying in the hotel that Mairead had sex with Mosley without his knowledge.

He also claimed that he, his wife and Miss Willis had been lovers while they lived together at Victory Road.

'It's something we didn't want to come out,' he replied.

Philpott also claimed that all three of them smoked cannabis each night in the hotel.

Six children died in the blaze at the house in Allerton, Derby, last May

Tragic: Six children, aged between five and 13, died in the blaze at the house in Allenton, Derby, last May

Mr Smith said: 'She (Mairead) smoked it once to help her sleep.'

He then asked Philpott: 'You are seeking to blacken Mairead, aren't you'

Later, he asked Philpott whether he had started the fire while his wife was asleep in the conservatory.

'Did you start the fire or arrange the fire while Mairead was asleep' he asked.

Philpott paused for a few moments before he said, sobbing: 'I love my kids and I would never endanger them.'

Philpott had lived at the house in Victory Road with Mairead and their six children along with Lisa Willis and her five children for 10 years.

Miss Willis left the family home in February last year, taking her five children with her.

The court has heard that, on the day of the fatal blaze in May last year, Philpott was due to appear at a court hearing with Miss Willis over residency of the five children, four of whom Philpott fathered.

Regrets: Mick Philpott on the Jeremy Kyle Show in 2009, where he admitted his wife and girlfriend were pregnant so he needed a new larger council house

Regrets: Mick Philpott on the Jeremy Kyle Show in 2009, where he admitted his wife and girlfriend were pregnant so he needed a new larger council house

Today, Mr Smith told Philpott: 'She (Lisa) escaped you, didn't she' No,' Philpott replied.

'Mairead had nowhere to escape to, did she You know that, don't you, Mr Philpott,' Mr Smith continued. Philpott shook his head.

He also denied targeting young vulnerable women as Mairead was 19 and Lisa Willis was 18 when he started relationships with them.

The court has heard that his wife and former mistress paid their wages and benefits into an account controlled by Philpott when they all lived together at the house in Victory Road.

Philpott told the court today: 'I didn't class it as my bank account. It's a family account.'

Philpott admitted yesterday that he and his wife had a sordid sex session with another man on the night their children died.

Emotional: As a 999 call from his house was played to the court, Philpott put his head in his hands and sobbed uncontrollably

Emotional: Yesterday Philpott sobbed as he gave evidence about the night his six children died in the house fire he is accused of masterminding

He sobbed in court as he spoke of his ‘total shame’ that he, Mairead and their best friend Paul Mosley, 46, took part in the ‘degrading’ threesome hours before the fire, which they are alleged to have planned.

Philpott said he was ‘finding it very difficult to cope with what was going on’ and added: ‘Having sex and smoking cannabis was one way of blocking it out.’

He and his wife, who wept throughout the hearing, and Mosley are charged with killing the children at their home in Derby in the early hours of May 11 last year.

It is alleged that Philpott masterminded the fire in a plot to frame former live-in lover Lisa Willis, 29, after she walked out on him, taking her five children.

Prosecutors say the plan, allegedly an attempt to ruin her reputation ahead of a child custody hearing, went ‘horribly wrong’ and the fire swept out of control.

Jade Philpott, ten, and brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six,
and Jayden, five, all died from smoke inhalation after being trapped
inside the burning house. Their brother Duwayne, 13, died of smoke
inhalation three days later.

The three defendants deny the charges.

The trial was adjourned and will resume tomorrow morning.