Millions of NatWest customers left without access to their money after bank"s computer system crashes

Millions of NatWest bank customers left without access to their money for four hours after computer system crashes AGAINThe majority of the bank's UK customers have been affected by IT blackoutRoyal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Ulster users also hit by glitch
Online and phone banking down, ATMs broken and card payments rejected
Customers have vented frustrations and threatened to quit for other banksLast year millions were unable to use cards or move money for daysThey were forced to set aside 125m compensation for those out of pocket

a computer glitch resulted millions of people having trouble using their debit and credit cards for three days.

Just a month later and Natwest were back in the news when more than 700,000 customers were affected by a ‘human error’ which resulted in some accounts being debited twice.

NatWest is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which also runs the Bank of Ulster.

RBS initially issued apologies about the inconvenience on Twitter at 11.30pm.

They said the problem was later resolved at around 1am but customers continued to complain that it was not all working.

Some said large chunks of the online services were still missing or not working.

A spokeswoman for RBS said: 'We are disappointed that our customers have faced disruption to banking services for a period this evening, and apologise for that. All services are now running as normal again.'

She added that any customers having continued difficulties should contact customer services.

RBS was unable to give details about why the service was affected and whether it stopped payments and direct debits being paid.