Professional footballer 'raped single mother he met in nightclub because he felt entitled to after she led him on'



18:55 GMT, 4 December 2012

Patrick Ada, pictured, is on trial for rape over an alleged attack after a night at a club in London's West End

Patrick Ada, pictured, is on trial for rape over an alleged attack after a night at a club in London's West End

A footballer accused of forcing a girl to perform oral sex on him the day after meeting him at a nightclub told police she led him on during a night out, a court heard.

Former Scottish Premier League player Patrick Ada, 27, ignored the pleas of his 25-year-old victim during the sex attack in London's West End earlier this year, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

They met on a night out and arranged to meet up the next day at the alleged victim's house.

When Mr Ada turned up at the house, the woman, a mother of a young child, had a friend round and the three drank vodka together.

After a few hours Mr Ada is alleged to have demanded that he be alone with the woman before forcing himself on her and making her perform sex acts, a jury was told.

He was told to leave by his victim and he sent a text message saying 'I am sorry, I was drunk'.

It is alleged that he then called her friend saying: 'I am sorry I forced her, but she had led me on.'

He was arrested the next day at his club's training ground in Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, when he initially denied he had touched her.

However, he later told detectives that he knew his victim's 'type' and that she wanted to be with a footballer for a better, more glamorous life.

He also claimed his victim had been overtly sexual to him and whilst giving him oral sex had said she wanted to be treated nicely and taken out.

However, when he said nice girls don't invite men to their home for sex he was then thrown out of the house.

Peter Clement, prosecuting, told the jury the offence was 'born out of presumption and belief by Mr Ada that the woman wanted to have sex with him.'

Mr Clement added: 'A presumption the prosecution suggests was borne out of nothing more than arrogance – not a man misreading a situation, not a man that simply made an error of judgement.

'It was a man who having been invited by a lady to what ought to have been the safety and security of her own home presumed he was going to have sex with her and once there at that lady's home he was determined she would perform oral sex on him, regardless of her wishes, regardless of her tears or regardless of her obvious refusal. He forced her.'

Mr Clement said when arrested Mr Ada claimed any sex was consensual, adding: 'He later told police even before he arrived he presumed he would be having sex with her.

Ada is on trial for allegedly raping a 25-year-old woman after meeting her at a nightclub in London's West End

Ada is on trial for allegedly raping a 25-year-old woman after meeting her at a nightclub in London's West End

'He said as a professional footballer he knew her type, a single mum who wanted to grab a footballer. He told police she believed through him she would have a better and perhaps more glamorous life, whether in Burton on Trent or elsewhere.

'He believed that is why she was in the nightclub to start with and having found herself with a footballer she would want to have sex with him.

'That is what she wanted and in his mind that is why she invited him to her home.'

Mr Clement said Mr Ada's mindset was he was determined to have sex irrespective of his victim's wishes which was borne out of arrogance and over confidence.

He said in his police interview Ada said: 'I am a bloke. I am not being funny, I could have had sex with her and her friend if I wanted to, but I felt I was not going to do it.'

He said: 'It may be his sentiment revealed much of his attitude to the woman that night.

'He was interested in one thing, his own sexual gratification. Rejection by her was not on his radar.'

Mr Ada claimed the rape complaint against him was false and malicious, aimed at wrecking his career as a footballer.

He told detectives that having performed oral sex on him the woman then said she was lucky to have met a footballer and wanted to be treated nicely and taken out.

Mr Clement added: 'But having performed consensual oral sex and having been treated nicely he told her: “I was expecting sex. That is why you invited me and that is the sort of girl you are. And that is what led her to tell me to get out”.'

Mr Ada has also had spells in his football career with SPL team Kilmarnock as well as Crewe Alexandra, Barnet, Exeter City, Redbridge, Histon and St Albans City.

Mr Ada denies one count of rape on March 1 this year.

The trial continues.