Police appeal for help after finding toddler abandoned in her pram in Carlisle late at night

Damien Gayle


09:48 GMT, 29 March 2013



09:48 GMT, 29 March 2013

A toddler was found abandoned in Carlisle late last night, police said today.

The child, who is believed to be about three, was found at about 11pm last night in Warwick Road, Carlisle.

Cumbria Police are appealing for help in tracing the youngster's parents.

Abandoned: A child believed to be just three years old was found abandoned by police on Warwick Road, Carlisle, last night

On her own: A child believed to be just three years old was found by police abandoned on Warwick Road, Carlisle, last night

Police officers found the young girl in a pram after they were called to a disturbance on the road.

There was no sign of the child's parents in the immediate area around where she was found, which locals said was near the junction of Warwick Road and Broad Street.

Police are appealing to the parents to get in touch immediately.

A statement on the Cumbria Police website said: 'At around 11 pm last night … police were called to a disturbance on Warwick Road.

'On arrival police officers found an abandoned pram, with a little girl, believed to be age around 3 years inside.

'There was no trace of the child’s parents in the immediate area.

'Police are appealing for the parents of the child to get in touch with them immediately.

'If you have information which could assist, please contact detectives.'

Duncan Weston, co-owner of the Townhouse Bed and Breakfast, which is near to where the youngster is understood to have been found, told MailOnline he had heard nothing.

But, he added, 'one of our guests said they heard somebody knocking on the door about midnight.'

Neil Sutton, co-owner of the Cherry Grove Guest House on Warwick Road, said he had only found out about the abandoned girl from the news this morning.

'It's a pretty respectable area,' he said.

Another local resident, who preferred not to be named, said she was not aware of any disturbance in the street, save for youths leaving a nearby rugby club late last night.

'It's a long road,' she said. 'It goes from junction 43 on the M6 into Carlisle.

'It's just a mixture of old Victorian houses and, as you come in from the motorway, more modern houses.'

She said many students live along the road, which she described as a 'nice area'.

Anyone with information should call Carlisle police on 101.