Roxie Archer: Ben Raftery "took to Facebook to construct alibi after beating partner"s 23-month old daughter to death"

'My little princess banged her head at McDonald's': Boyfriend 'took to Facebook to construct alibi after beating partner's 23-month old daughter to death'
Sarah Archer, 21, left her boyfriend to look after her child while she went to New York to celebrate her birthdayBut Roxie suffered a serious brain injury just hours after she leftBen Raftery is accused of attacking the child who died hours later
He wrote on Facebook that his 'princess' had banged her head in McDonaldsProsecution say this was a lie and an attempt to cover up for his attack

Roxie did not want to play with him, the court heard.

On one occasion it was said he stormed
out of the house when she would not say goodbye to him as he left for a
trip to Amsterdam.

'In his absence when asked if she wanted to see him again she said no,' said Miss Blackwell.

The prosecutor said that a pathologist, a neuropathologist and an
eye specialist had later all agreed the injuries to the head and body
were non-accidental.

Those injuries were considered to be a strong indication of traumatic head injuries, possibly including vigorous shaking, the jury was told.

Extensive bruising to the face, head and limbs were also consistent with prodding or nipping having taken place.

Miss Blackwell said: 'The pathologist's conclusion is that the only credible explanation for the head and brain injuries is that Roxie had been forcibly and repeatedly punched and also possibly slapped across the head.'

Raftery denies murder.

The trial is scheduled to last up to two weeks.