BREAKING NEWS: Brother and sister, aged 10 and 12, who 'left home together in the night after packing bag of clothes' found at local bus station
Sophie and Jack Fletcher had never run away from home beforePair were spotted at a bus station by family friend who alerted police
Police said they could have been heading from West Midlands home to destination in Wales where they once went on holiday

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16:48 GMT, 23 January 2013



18:47 GMT, 23 January 2013

Two children who went missing after apparently running away from home have been found at their local bus station.

Sophie Fletcher, 12, and her 10-year-old brother Jack disappeared from their home in Darlaston, West Midlands overnight or early this morning.

Their parents Jessica and Christopher were horrified to find them missing when they woke up and saw their beds empty.

Sophie Fletcher

Jack Fletcher

Sophie and Jack Fletcher, who were thought to have ran away and were trying to head to Wales where they once went on holiday, were discovered at their town's bus station

But the duo were discovered by a family friend at their town's local bus station at 5.20pm, West Midlands Police said.

They are believed to have packed a bag
of clothes and taken money from their mother's purse, and police say
they may have been heading to a place in Wales where they have previously been
on holiday.

But the pair were spotted by a family friend, who alerted the police, and now they are in the process of being reunited with their family.

As West Midlands Police searched for them, officers said they were 'very concerned' about the children's safety, and warned that they could be at risk from the freezing weather.

However, their search for Jack and Sophie was complicated by the fact that the local school is closed, making it harder to contact the children's friends in order to find information on where they might have gone.

Home: The house in Darlaston which the Fletcher children abandoned overnight on Tuesday

Home: The house in Darlaston which the Fletcher children abandoned overnight on Tuesday

Up to 50 officers followed up 'a number of leads' and checked dozens of address across a wide area.

'There is now a suggestion that the
youngsters may try to travel by train to a previous holiday destination
in Borth, Wales,' a police spokesman said.

Sophie is described as 5ft 2in with collar-length brown hair cut in a bob, and blue eyes.

She is believed to be wearing a leopard-print coat with a hood which has small ears on it and purple trousers.

Jack is described as 5ft with straight blond hair and has a half-inch scar on his forehead.

He is believed to be wearing a black hooded Benzini jacket with bright yellow lettering, black ankle boots and a cap with 'NY' on the front.

Hunt: Police have launched a wide-ranging search for the two youngsters

Hunt: Police have launched a wide-ranging search for the two youngsters

Leading the search, Inspector Stuart Vaughan, of Walsall Police, said the disappearance was unusual for the pair.

He said at the time: 'The children have not been missing before and, although they have packed clothes and taken money, we are very concerned about them, particularly in this cold weather.

'It is believed they have left of their own accord. We are continuing to carry out a number of inquiries to try and locate Sophie and Jack and are being supported by a significant number of force resources.

'We are now appealing to the public to help us with this search – if you have seen either of the children today or have any information about where they may be, please contact us immediately.'