Sunderland FC paying David Miliband more than top French striker Louis Saha as failed Labour leadership candidate rakes in 125,000 for 15 days' work
Former foreign secretary earns equivalent of 42,000 a weekHas made almost 1million on public speaking circuitConservative party chairman Grant Shapps questions value for money

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01:01 GMT, 1 January 2013



01:12 GMT, 1 January 2013

David Miliband is raking in the equivalent of 42,000 a week from troubled Premier League club Sunderland, more than their 40,000-a-week striker Louis Saha.

The former foreign secretary has earned 125,000 for 15 days’ work since becoming a director of the football club in February 2011.

That’s the equivalent of nearly 42,000 a week, or more than 2.1million a year.

David Miliband earns the equivalent of 42,000 from Sunderland FC since becoming a director of football last year

David Miliband earns the equivalent of 42,000 a week from Sunderland FC since becoming a director of football last year

This pro-rata figure is higher than defender Titus Bramble’s 30,000- a-week deal and even surpasses that of France international Saha.

In total, the South Shields Labour MP has registered nearly 1million of outside earnings since the 2010 Labour election.

After losing the Labour leadership to his younger brother Ed, Mr Miliband went on to make 985,315 from the public speaking circuit and his work as an adviser.

The figure, drawn from the register of MPs’ interests, includes hospitality, travel and gifts.

But critics have questioned Mr Miliband’s focus since losing the leadership contest. They say he has become a ghost-like figure at Westminster, attending fewer than half the votes in the Commons chamber and speaking in just 11 debates in one year.

David Miliband earns more than Sunderland striker Louis Saha

David Miliband earns more than Sunderland defender Titus Bramble

Wages: David Miliband pro rata salary is more than Sunderland striker Louis Saha, left, and defender Titus Bramble, right

Mr Miliband has found time to attend international summits and embark on speaking engagements.

He has made nearly 65,000 from the United Arab Emirates ministry of foreign affairs, and nearly 83,000 from the London Speaker Bureau.

Energy Investment firm VantagePoint Capital Partners has paid Mr Miliband close to 117,000 for consultancy work.

The money is on top of his MP’s salary of 65,000. Mr Miliband’s earnings dwarf those of his constituents, who averaged just 19,281 last year.

Sunderland FC appointed Mr Miliband last February, despite the senior MP being a life-long supporter of Arsenal.

The club, which made a 6.2 million loss last year, is at risk of relegation after poor performances.
Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps questioned whether Mr Miliband provided value for money.

He said: ‘With a fee like that you’d expect to see David Miliband on the pitch! Per appearance, he’s on a par with players like Saha. Sunderland should red card this behaviour.’

A spokesman for Mr Miliband said: ‘Outside earnings are submitted to the register of members’ interests which is rightly available to the public to view.’