Watership Drown! Pampered rabbit has water therapy to cure her arthritis

Watership Drown! Pampered rabbit has water therapy to cure her arthritisHeidi, a giant continental rabbit, has twice-weekly sessions to help arthritisOwner pays 30 a session in the 4ft-deep hydrotherapy poolLives with two other rabbits in a 3,000 converted garage The pad is complete with sofas, air conditioning and carpet By Luke Salkeld PUBLISHED: 00:36 GMT, 6 March 2013 | UPDATED: 07:54 GMT, 6 March 2013 She doesn’t like getting those floppy ears wet. And there’s no way she’ll be trying the doggie paddle. But it seems you can lead a rabbit to water and, with the help of a bright orange buoyancy aid, make her swim.

Israel"s Apache helicopter"s stunning acrobatic display to mark top gun graduation

Fire in the sky! Israel’s Apache helicopter’s stunning aerobatic display to mark top gun graduationAstonishing pictures show Israel's aerial hardware in actionThe images were taken at a graduation ceremony for pilots earlier todayIsraeli Air Force pilots are seen as among the best in the world | UPDATED: 20:56 GMT, 27 December 2012 These incredible images of some of the world's most sophisticated aerial warfare technology were taken during today's graduation ceremony for Israeli pilots.

Burma plane crash: Four British tourist injured in crash that has killed three people

British family on tourist jet as it crashes in flames: Dramatic escape from wreck of Burmese airliner The Air Bagan plane crash landed in a paddy field in heavy fog Two Americans and a Korean also among the 11 people confirmed injuredThree Burmese killed in the tragedy, including 11-year-old child | UPDATED: 00:15 GMT, 26 December 2012 A British family survived a horrific air crash in Burma yesterday when their packed plane came down in heavy fog and burst into flames. One of the Britons was injured when the Fokker 100, carrying 65 Christmas holidaymakers, smashed into the ground two miles short of its destination. Three Burmese were killed in the tragedy – a tour guide and an 11-year-old child on board the plane, as well as a man riding a motorcycle on the road where it came down

The new class of RAF pilots who will remain firmly on the ground

New class of RAF pilots who will stay firmly on the ground and control unmanned vehicles from thousands of miles away | UPDATED: 16:59 GMT, 15 December 2012 The Royal Air Force will create a new breed of a pilots – who may never have to fly into battle. The new class of air force personnel will remain firmly on the ground, and control unmanned aircraft remotely

Delta buys nearly half of Virgin Atlantic in deal that will keep Branson"s airline alive

Sir Richard Branson offers BA boss a 1m bet over Virgin Atlantic deal – but gets a 'knee in the groin' instead Billionaire Sir Richard Branson sells 49 per cent stake in airline to DeltaAmerica’s largest carrier will help keep Virgin Atlantic alive and take on BA Branson tries to bet BA boss Willie Walsh 1m that airline will flourishBut Walsh says he hasn't got 1m and offers him 'knee in the groin' instead | UPDATED: 20:50 GMT, 11 December 2012 See Sir Richard's Announcement Below: The boss of British Airways’ parent company Willie Walsh has bet Sir Richard Branson ‘a knee in the groin’ that Virgin Atlantic will not survive five years. And Sir Richard has accepted the remarkable challenge – saying the painful debt will be paid out to the loser at the winner’s headquarters. The unusual ‘below the belt’ wager came after America's largest airline, Delta, took a 49 per cent stake in Virgin Atlantic under a major deal announced today.

Aldham plane crash: One dead after plane crashes into a tree before landing in a pond

One dead after plane crashes into a tree before landing in a pond | UPDATED: 17:14 GMT, 8 December 2012 One person was killed when a light aircraft crashed into a tree in a village today, police said. Emergency services went to the scene after a member of the public called police reporting that the plane had come down at Aldham near Hadleigh, Suffolk. After hitting the tree, the plane became submerged in a pond.

EgyptAir flight forced to make emergency landing after passenger was bitten by snake he had smuggled on board

Snakes on a plane! EgyptAir flight forced to make emergency landing after passenger was bitten by animal 'he smuggled on board' | UPDATED: 23:52 GMT, 4 December 2012 An EgyptAir flight was forced to divert yesterday after a passenger was bitten by a snake he had smuggled on board. The pilots decided to perform an emergency landing at a nearby airport after hearing the terrifying screams of the victim.

"I cursed Hitler and rolled over to sleep": Londoner describes his resolve as Nazi bombs rain down on the capital

'Do not commiserate. You should envy us because we are carrying out the greatest enterprise in the world's history ': Defiant Londoner's letter to Americans reveals he did not fear death weeks before fatal bomb | UPDATED: 23:23 GMT, 1 December 2012 William Beveridge Robertson was just one of around 30,000 Londoners killed by German bomb attacks between August 1940 and May 1941. Three weeks before he died in a bomb blast at his house in Belsize Park, at the height of the Blitz, Robertson wrote of how he had no fear of death at the hands of the Nazis