Teachers shouldn"t use red coloured pens to mark homework "because it"s like shouting and upsets pupils"

Teachers shouldn't use red coloured pens to mark homework 'because it's like shouting and upsets pupils' Students think they are being marked more harshly if it's written in redTeachers should use more neutral colours like blue, say researchers at University of Colorado in the U.S'I think it's a rather silly idea,' chairman of Campaign for Real Education By Steve Robson PUBLISHED: 13:13 GMT, 17 January 2013 | UPDATED: 16:05 GMT, 17 January 2013 Researchers at the University of Colorado found students think they have been marked more harshly if it is written in red ink Teachers should stop using red pens to mark homework and tests because it could upset schoolchildren, U.S researchers say. A study showed students think they've been assessed more harshly when their work is covered in red ink compared to more neutral colours like blue. Sociologists Richard Dukes and Heather Albanesi from the University of Colorado told the Journal of Social Science: 'The red grading pen can upset students and weaken teacher-student relations and perhaps learning.' In 2008, hundreds of schools banned teachers from using red ink to correct work because they considered it 'confrontational' and 'threatening'

Damilola Taylor killer Ricky Preddie is back in jail for the THIRD time

Damilola killer is back in jail for the THIRD time after being accused of handling stolen goodsRicky Preddie has appeared in court on suspicion of handling stolen goods and has been sent back to jailPolice found a 800 motorbike in his bail hostel, which had been taken in a burglary He has been released twice before after stabbing Damilola in the neck with a broken bottle in 2000Damilola's father Richard says that Preddie should never have been released . He lasted just 16 days before being taken back to prison for again violating his parole by going to areas he was banned from and visiting friends from his old gang.

Anger as prostate cancer lags behind in research spending despite being the most common form of disease in men

Anger as prostate cancer lags behind in research spending despite being the most common form of disease Just 400 is spent on research per case diagnosedBreast cancer receives 853 per diagnosed caseProstate Cancer UK says disease is 'not on the radar'One man an hour dies from prostate cancer By Jenny Hope Medical Correspondent PUBLISHED: 02:02 GMT, 1 January 2013 | UPDATED: 02:09 GMT, 1 January 2013 Prostate cancer – the most common form of the disease in men – is bottom of the league for research spending, figures reveal. The disease lies in 20th place, with just over 400 spent on research per case diagnosed.

I"m sorry mum! Flamingo chick is in trouble after getting his feathers muddy

I'm sorry mum! Flamingo chick is in trouble after getting his feathers muddy Two-week-old chick took first steps outside the nest in a reserve in CubaWildlife photographer Andrey Gudkov spent a day watching the pair bond | UPDATED: 23:37 GMT, 30 December 2012 Any mother would despair at seeing their child covered in mud. And this flamingo was no different.

iPad fury: Parents furious after school tells them to buy tablet for children

Parents 'left hamstrung' by school after it tells them to buy their children iPads Headteacher of Rossett School in Harrogate, North Yorks, causes anger with requestSome parents say they can't afford the 300 tablet and fear 'two-tier' inequality | UPDATED: 12:37 GMT, 8 December 2012 Hard-up parents were left furious after a school asked them to fork out hundreds of pounds on iPads for lessons and homework. Staff at Rossett School in Harrogate, North Yorkshire told children to ask their parents to buy them the 300 tablet for their work. But the request has infuriated parents, hundreds of whom attended a showdown meeting with the headteacher over the cost

Starbucks caves in to pressure and promises to pay 20m in corporation tax in next 2 years

Starbucks caves in to pressure and promises to hand the taxman 20m after public outcry The US-owned coffee chain has paid just 8.6 million in corporation tax in the past 14 yearsAfter public pressure, it will pay 20million to the Treasury over the next two years Campaigners are unhappy with the pledge, and are preparing to protest at cafes on Saturday There are hopes that Amazon and Google will be next to pay more tax | UPDATED: 07:50 GMT, 7 December 2012 Anger: Starbucks will pay 20million in corporation tax over the next two years after it was accused of acting 'immorally' for not paying the levy over the last three years Starbucks last night caved in to public pressure and agreed to pay millions in corporation tax amid fears of a growing consumer boycott. The global coffee group struck a deal with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to pay 20million over the next two years, whether or not it reports a profit. The move will bring valuable money into Treasury coffers and piles pressure on other multi-nationals such as Google and Amazon to restructure their affairs to make contributions

Subway death: Man killed after "being pushed in front of New York train" in Times Square

Why did no one help him Outrage as commuters stand back while man desperately tries to escape path of New York subway train Ki Suk Han, 58, killed after landing on tracks at 49th Street in ManhattanSuspect arrested today one block from subway station in Times Square | UPDATED: 23:01 GMT, 4 December 2012 A passenger who witnessed a man being crushed by a subway train today spoke of his anger at the failure of 18 people on the platform to save him – including the photographer who had time to take chilling pictures of his final moments. Patrick Gomez, who admitted that he also ‘froze’ at the scene, said it was a ‘real shame’ that no-one had the courage to ‘step up’ and attempt to rescue Ki Suk Han, 58, after he was pushed onto the line at the New York subway station yesterday afternoon